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High-end brand will pay you for selling your unwanted clothing through its website — here's how it works

All items on the platform are eligible for resale.

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Renowned fashion designer Phillip Lim has launched a secondhand platform called 3.1 Archive aimed at celebrating the designer and brand history, extending the life of its pieces, and fostering connection among its community members. 

How does the Phillip Lim 3.1 Archive program work? 

3.1 Archive is a resale platform available directly from the Phillip Lim website. The platform showcases iconic pieces and photography to help consumers cherish and extend the life of Phillip Lim's pieces, including standout vintage styles. 

You can participate in the program by listing your pre-loved Phillip Lim items on the platform. Once a piece is sold, you print out a free shipping label and send the item to its new owner. If they accept the item, you receive either a cash payout at 70% of the sale price or 100% in Phillip Lim store credit

All items on the platform are eligible for resale, including vintage and limited-edition pieces. Additionally, the brand aims to recycle, reuse, and donate items that enter the marketplace in the future. 

You can also participate as a consumer by shopping the pre-loved items instead of buying new. The Archive program lets you sort by style as well as the condition of the used item. 

Why should I use the Phillip Lim 3.1 archive?

Resale platforms like the 3.1 Archive help you declutter your closet while earning some money back on your luxury investments. Shopping on the platform also helps you save money by accessing high-quality pieces at steep discounts.

Plus, you're boosting your wardrobe with unique and carefully made garments. 

"Our sustainability mission isn't singular, it's about the power of collective action and the steps to re-balancing our footprint and impact. We live by the mantra of make less, mean more," reads the Phillip Lim website

Participating in the 3.1 Archive program also helps to keep items out of the waste stream, reduce resources, and keep secondhand stores from being overloaded. 

Are there programs similar to the Phillip Lim 3.1 Archive?

Several other brands and retailers have launched their own resale platforms, including lululemon and J Crew. Lululemon's resale platform, Like New, allows customers to sell their gently used lululemon items and earn gift cards in return. J. Crew's trade-in program takes back your worn tees, sweaters, and other items for credit toward new purchases.

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