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New York City Mayor signs bill to make a major change to fleet of city vehicles: 'This is a huge, bold step that we are taking'

"We are making history."

"We are making history."

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In a significant move to help improve air quality in New York City and drive down planet-warming pollution, Mayor Eric Adams has signed a bill that will require all vehicles in the city's government fleet to be electric or zero-emissions by 2038. 

"This is a huge, bold step that we are taking because we are making history and taking a big, bold step towards the city's electric future," Adams said, per CBS News.

New York City will be the first city in the nation to implement such a strategy. In addition to improving the lives of residents affected by vehicle pollution — and reducing its impact on increasing the Earth's temperatures — Adams said the policy would help to save $90 million in taxpayer funds in the space of four years. 

"When it comes to delivering greener city vehicles, New York City is leading the charge," said Mayor Adams in a statement. "Electric vehicles reduce emissions and make our air cleaner, helping us meet our sustainability goals and improving quality of life for countless New Yorkers."

First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright noted that city residents have been witnessing the impact of global heating, with wildlife smoke from Canada smothering the city in smog during parts of 2023. 

Meanwhile, she also observed that Black, Brown, and low-income communities are among those most at risk when it comes to extreme heat or flooding exacerbated by human-caused pollution. 

"If we want a cleaner, greener future for all New Yorkers, we must prioritize those who are bearing the brunt of these extreme weather events — and our city must lead by example," Wright continued

New York City had already launched an initiative to ensure all vehicles under ride-sharing services, such as Lyft and Uber, would be zero-pollution models by 2030. 

Meanwhile, in the state as a whole, $100 million has been made available to school districts to support the introduction of electric school buses

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