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This fashion company wants to pay you top dollar for your old clothes — they'll actually offer more than the resale price

To sell, users head over to the site to list a qualifying Marimekko item.

Marimekko Pre-loved, Pay your old accessories

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Finnish lifestyle design label Marimekko is known for its distinctive use of bright patterns and colors across clothing, bags and accessories, textiles, and tableware. And now, you can shop and sell your pre-loved Marimekko pieces through its Marimekko Pre-loved platform.

How does Marimekko Pre-loved work?

The Marimekko Pre-loved platform is the company's dedicated secondhand and vintage marketplace where you can shop the label's collections at a discounted price.

To sell, users head over to the site to list a qualifying Marimekko item. The program currently accepts clothing, bags, homewares, and accessories.

Once you've completed the listing, a prepaid shipping code will be generated for you once the item is purchased by another user. You pack and send the item directly to the buyer.

After the buyer accepts the item, you get to receive your earnings: either 80% of the resale price in cash, or 110% as a gift card to Marimekko — that's right, 110% in-store credit.

Why should I try the Marimekko Pre-loved program?

If that 110% store credit incentive doesn't excite you enough, maybe a little inspiration from the brand will move the needle.

"Pass on the joy and give your Marimekko pieces a second life," the label says on its website. "And start making exciting design discoveries from an ever-evolving selection of pre-loved gems."

Plus, keeping those pre-loved items out of landfills is important. It helps to reduce pollution and keeps secondary markets from being overloaded.

Are there other programs like Marimekko?

Brands putting the focus on pre-loved items are popping up all over the place lately. These initiatives offer items at much lower prices than retail and keep items out of landfills.

Athletic wear brand lululemon will take back your worn workout gear and give you credit toward new items. And if you love slow fashion, this app will happily pair you up with another slow fashion lover to swap your eco items.

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