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Take a look inside this one-of-a-kind hotel that has no shampoo bottles and serves leftovers for dinner

"Any untouched, leftover ingredients from breakfast are used later in the day for meals at dinner."

Manon Les Suites

Photo Credit: Manon Les Suites

As the world becomes more conscious of ways to protect the environment, some business owners have begun to build brands around eco-friendliness — like this Detroit pizzeria designed to minimize food waste. 

And now, a hotel in Copenhagen is getting tons of attention for joining in on the trend. As Arizona's Family reports, Manon Les Suites, which opened in 2017, is "one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the world."

What is Manon Les Suites doing?

All the policies at this hotel are designed to minimize waste and reduce the amount of heat-trapping gas produced by its activities. 

For starters, "the hotel purchases all renewable energy for its power." Renewable energy means more affordable energy from clean sources like wind and solar that don't run out and can be produced without damaging the environment. Manon Les Suites also tries to minimize food waste by cooking only what's needed for a meal. 

"Any untouched, leftover ingredients from breakfast are used later in the day for meals at dinner," reporter Jared Dillingham wrote in his review of the hotel, accompanied by an in-depth YouTube overview.

What's more, the scraps are used to make biofuel, an environmentally-friendly alternative to some oil products. The food itself is almost all sourced locally, so it doesn't have to be shipped far. Long-distance food shipping burns fuel unnecessarily and adds to the heat-trapping gases in the air, so eating local is the eco-friendly choice.

The hotel also does its best to send as little as possible to the landfill. 

"You won't find many plastics in the rooms," Dillingham reports

Instead of single-use shampoo bottles, the hotel supplies large refillable ones, along with bamboo toothbrushes and razors. And the hotel buys all of its furniture secondhand, further reducing the number of items that get thrown away. 

Even damaged sheets find a second life. When the bedding tears or gets too worn down, the staff donates it to charity. 

Why all these changes?

The policies at Manon Les Suites help to reduce the hotel's waste and pollution. 

As Dillingham says, "Copenhagen is known for being one of the most progressive cities in the world when it comes to sustainability and environmental programs, and Manon lives up to that reputation." 

Some of those choices, like buying secondhand furniture, also save the business money. Meanwhile, visitors get to enjoy a guilt-free stay at a five-star hotel, as well as their pick of the tastiest local produce and the Bali-inspired greenery around the pool — making the hotel's green design a win for everyone.

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