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Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, is about to make a major change: 'Providing an essential service'

"We have an ongoing commitment to sustainability."

Gillette Stadium

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Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, will divert more than 600 tons of waste from landfills, thanks to a new deal with WIN Waste Innovations.

WIN Waste Innovations is the top sustainable waste manager in New England, converting more than 6 million tons of waste into clean energy and recycling more than 200,000 tons of paper, metals, and plastics each year.

In the company's new partnership with Gillette Stadium, WIN Waste will prevent 642 tons of waste from reaching landfills — or the equivalent to about 224 tons of coal, 769 barrels of oil, or 53,715 cubic feet of natural gas.

"Being thoughtful about how we handle waste generated at Gillette Stadium is key to our goal of continuously reducing our environmental impact," Jim Nolan, the COO of Kraft Sports and Entertainment, said in a press release

He continued, saying, "We have an ongoing commitment to sustainability, and this partnership with WIN Waste Innovations is another big step toward that end. We are excited to team up with WIN Waste to put Gillette Stadium's waste to work for the planet."

Gillette Stadium is also home to the area's Major League Soccer team, the New England Revolution, as well as a popular concert venue for stadium tours. The stadium has 65,878 seats, so it's easy to see how waste could stack up with such a high capacity for visitors.

The company not only diverts waste from landfills by recycling, but it also converts the recovered waste into clean energy. WIN Waste's renewable energy powers approximately 340,000 homes every year

"We are excited to help Gillette Stadium advance its sustainability strategy while delivering industry-leading waste and recycling services to the stadium," stated Bob Boucher, the CEO of WIN Waste Innovations. "By diverting waste from landfills and creating renewable power, we are preserving natural resources, helping to protect the planet, and providing an essential service to a sustainability-minded organization."

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