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Volvo unveils remarkable new technology aimed at slashing car-related deaths: 'Our long-term vision is zero accidents'

Some of these features were developed to meet requirements in the EU's updated General Safety Regulation (GSR) policy.

Volvo's Front Short Range Assist

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Volvo may mean "I roll," but the name is equated with safety, and the company just took a big step in showing us why. 

As reported by CleanTechnica, Volvo has developed two new safety systems seemingly original to Volvo trucks and designed with the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists in mind. 

The Front Short Range Assist system detects when a cyclist or pedestrian is in the risky low visibility area in front of the truck. Meanwhile, the door warning feature warns the driver when a pedestrian, cyclist, or car is coming from behind on the side of the truck where the door is opened.

Some of these features were developed to meet requirements in the EU's updated General Safety Regulation (GSR) policy, according to Trans.INFO

GSR's goal is to increase road safety as well as that of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. CleanTechnica reported that it's estimated the new laws could save 25,000 lives and prevent 140,000 injuries over the next 15 years.

Further, if features like these are widely adopted, it could be great for the environment. 

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that transportation is the largest contributor to the pollution blanket overheating the planet in the U.S., accounting for nearly 30% percent of the country's planet-warming gas pollution. 

To stop this, a net-zero transportation goal has been set for 2050, and the way to achieve it is by taking public transportation, switching to electric vehicles, and walking or riding bikes. 

The hold-up is that these aren't options for everyone. Further, Treehugger reported that a recent study showed the main reason people don't ride bikes is the concern of being hit by a car. The study further reported that bike lanes also either weren't safe or didn't go to potential riders' destinations. 

According to Treehugger, the conclusion of the study said, "While people experience a range of barriers and enablers to cycling for transport and recreation, factors relating to riding on the road alongside motor vehicle traffic were most prominent." 

While there is a long way to go, Volvo is doing its part. As Anna Wrige Berling, traffic and product safety director at Volvo Trucks, told CleanTechnica, "At Volvo Trucks, our long-term vision is zero accidents, and safety is at the core of everything we do. With these new systems we take important steps to accomplish these aims."

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