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Government rolls out program allowing low-income drivers to lease EVs for as little as $43 a month: 'It's about time'

"What an excellent idea! The world needs more forward-thinking governments like this."

"What an excellent idea! The world needs more forward-thinking governments like this."

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E-Vive la France! France has launched a new "social leasing" program for drivers to lease electric vehicles (EVs) for as little as about $43 monthly, in some cases, for six months. 

President Emmanuel Macron first announced the program back in October. Thanks to a subsidy from the country's government, the initiative comes with no down payment for those who are eligible, as well as free charging, as reported by Electrek

In order for French residents to qualify for the social leasing program, they must have an annual income of less than €15,400 (about $16,650), travel more than about 5,000 miles per year, and live at least 15 kilometers (a bit over 9 miles) away from their workplace. 

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Those eligible for the program are offered a three-year lease contract with an option to purchase the EV at the end of the leasing period. The leasing contract even covers insurance costs and cancellation fees because of unforeseen circumstances.

President Macron emphasized France's focus on EV development, stating that the country will have produced at least one million electric vehicles by 2027. 

Getting more people to drive EVs is a huge win for the environment since they run on electricity instead of burning dirty fuels like gas or diesel, which helps keep the air cleaner and reduces pollution that heats up our planet. 

As a matter of fact, EVs are a key part of transitioning to more eco-friendly transportation, especially as more of our electricity comes from renewable sources like wind and solar panels.

EVs can even be a more budget-friendly transportation option over time since drivers tend to pay less for EV charging compared to fluctuating gas prices. 

Many who heard the news of France's recent policy celebrated the step forward in helping a greater variety of people access EVs. 

"Really great news. It's about time that lower-income people get a specific subsidy," one reader commented

"What an excellent idea! The world needs more forward-thinking governments like this," another added.

"Fantastic news if they manage to pull this off at scale. Good for the environment, but also good from a social cohesion perspective. Generally, the lowest income groups get left behind by new tech revolutions, and here the exact opposite seems to be happening," a third mentioned

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