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Luxury furniture company develops kid-sized pieces with a built-in life lesson: 'Gorgeous products'

"Production costs can't come down without brands like this paving the way."

"Production costs can’t come down without brands like this paving the way."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Eco-friendly company ecoBirdy is using plastic waste from children's toys to make child-sized furniture — and a TikTok shows off the beauty of the pieces.

In the video, TikTok user Charlotte Rose (@second.life.studio) praises the furniture's eco-friendliness and design. "This kids' furniture is made from upcycled kids' toys," she says. "The tables and chairs are really beautiful, and they're also a really easy way for parents to start a conversation about upcycling with their kids."

@second.life.studio I feel like my last post was really depressing so I wanted to show you a brand that does large scale upcycling that i find really inspiring #circulardesign #sustainabledesign #greenscreen ♬ pain didn't exist - coldbrew

Founded by Vanessa Yuan and Joris Vanbriel and based out of Antwerp, Belgium, ecoBirdy collects old plastic toys in Europe, upcycles them, and converts the recycled plastic material into luxury furniture sized specifically for kids. 

According to the company's website, ecoBirdy has also commissioned school programs and a storybook to help young learners understand the basics of recycling and the circular economy.

In addition to stylish furniture that looks like it's cut from multicolored stone, the company also makes dishware out of recycled plastic. The kitchenware comes in six different earthy tones for the primary base; however, every piece is unique due to the varying plastic particles used in production. 

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The company offers plates, salad bowls, and large serving platters, as well as chairs and tables — ecoBirdy also makes blankets and lamps shaped like animals like rhinos and kiwi birds.

All of ecoBirdy's products look beautiful, and the company encourages its customers to use their furniture and dishware to start early conversations with children about the circular economy, plastic waste, climate change, and recycling.

Using upcycled plastics helps keep harmful materials out of landfills. Other companies use the material to make 3D-printed living spaces, sneakers, surfboards, and many more products.

TikTok users shared their excitement about the furniture.

"Pro tip! you can buy children's furniture for your cats! also a kids table = coffee table or side table," one user wrote. 

"Gorgeous products! Yes, not an accessible price point for everyone, but production costs can't come down without brands like this paving the way," another user said.

"That's awesome. the mountains of waste produced by kids toys alone over the last 60 years regularly brings me to tears," a third user commented.

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