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Dumpster diver shocked by discovery in Bath & Body Works dumpster: 'Look at all this stuff in here'

"It's gonna be a huge jackpot."

"It's gonna be a huge jackpot."

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One dumpster diver on TikTok just showed off the incredible treasure trove she found behind a Bath and Body Works.

Businesses across America have a long history of dumping perfectly good products in the trash when they get new inventory or an item goes out of fashion. With the rise in viral content and video-sharing platforms, more and more content creators online have shone a spotlight on the severity of this problem.

That's what TikToker GlamourDDive (@glamourddive) is doing with her channel, which focuses specifically on beauty, fashion, and high-end brands. Digging through trash is a legal way to score brand-name items for free, but it also serves as evidence of how wasteful these stores can be.

@glamourddive i found the employees hidden stash.. #dumpster #dumpsterdiving #insane #bathandbodyworks #glamourddive ♬ Glamorous - Fergie

This time, there was so much good stuff in the dumpster that GlamourDDive joked she'd found the "employees' hidden stash." 

"I'm dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works, and look at all this stuff in here," she said in her video. "It's gonna be a huge jackpot."

As she keeps digging, GlamourDDive turns up perfumes, body washes, hand soaps, and more. "Look at all those down there," she says. "I just moved this box, and look at how far down it goes. I was about to leave, but look at all these perfumes. … There's like 50 candles," she says.

What shocked her the most was that the products weren't damaged. "All of these are brand new candles. None of them are cracked," she says.

In other words, not only were these perfectly good products that the company decided to get rid of — but the store didn't follow the common practice of damaging goods that are slated to be thrown out so no one can salvage them. "They didn't destroy anything," she says. That isn't always the case, sadly.

But this time, GlamourDDive salvaged several large boxes of products and inspired several commenters in the process. "Imma ask my momma to take me dumpster diving, 'cause all them perfumes and candles, I'd be set for life," said one commenter,

"I need a dumpster diving buddy," said another user, setting off a flurry of comments between other people coordinating group dumpster diving trips.

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