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Tesla Cybertruck spotted charging next to rival Rivian R1T, highlighting difference between the competitors

The popularity of electric pickup trucks is great news for the environment.

The popularity of electric pickup trucks is great news for the environment.

Photo Credit: iStock

The Tesla Cybertruck has so far proved elusive. While company CEO Elon Musk said in an April earnings call that reservation holders would start receiving orders at the end of the third quarter, customers still haven't got their hands on the much-anticipated electric pickup truck.

Musk recently revealed in an October earnings call that Cybertrucks will be officially hitting the road for deliveries on Nov. 30, according to Reuters, but details on the unique-looking vehicles remain scarce. 

That's why pictures and videos of the Cybertruck are regularly shared on social media, with enthusiasts desperate to glean any information about the non-polluting pickups ahead of their release.

Now, a picture of the Cybertruck next to a Rivian R1T is proving quite useful for folks who are keen to understand more of what the Tesla can offer.

Photo Credit: Cybertruck Owners Club

Posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum and shared by Inside EVs, the image shows the Cybertruck seems to be a little shorter, a bit wider, and perhaps a fraction longer than its electric pickup rival. 

As Inside EVs observed, the Rivian R1T comes in at 217.1 inches long, 81.8 inches wide, and 78.2 inches tall. 

But since the Cybertruck pictured was only a release candidate, it's not clear if this is the version that will go into full production. 

Tesla itself has detailed that the truck bed will provide around 100 cubic feet of lockable storage, but it's always easier to get a feel for the size in pictures. 

According to Cox Automotive, the Ford F-150 Lightning is the model of choice for customers looking to buy an electric pickup. 

After a branding reveal, the electric Ford recorded a 67% rate of appeal among respondents, compared to 63% for the RAM 1500 REV, 63% for the Chevy Silverado EV, 48% for the GMC Hummer EV Pickup, 48% for the Rivian R1T, and just 27% for the Cybertruck. 

But with pre-orders said to be around the one million mark for the Cybertruck, as Musk said in his October earnings call per Reuters, it could still make a serious dent in the market. 

In general, though, the popularity of electric pickup trucks is great news for the environment. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, light-duty vehicles — including pickup trucks — accounted for 58% of dirty-fuel pollution from the transportation sector in 2021. 

If the Cybertruck and its competitors can take some of these vehicles that contribute to global heating off the road in favor of cleaner electric versions, it should help in the battle to reduce rising temperatures that lead to extreme weather events like drought, flooding, and deadly storms

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