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Transit expert highlights issues with popular design trend in truck and SUV models: 'It honestly infuriates me'

"Why do people in the U.S. feel they need giant pickup trucks?"

"Why do people in the U.S. feel they need giant pickup trucks?"

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They say that everything is bigger in Texas — but it turns out everything is simply bigger in the United States.

A TikTok video from transportation expert molesrcool (@molesrcool) highlights the staggering difference between two comparable trucks — one Japanese and one American — showing how much unnecessary space trucks consume in the U.S.

@molesrcool having a full size pickup truck that you don't actually need isn't a flex, it's embarrassing. meanwhile kei trucks provide 95% of the utility in a much smaller package #trucks #f150 #pavementprincess #greenscreen ♬ Twin Peaks Main Theme (From "Twin Peaks") - Geek Music

"These two trucks have the same bed length," he explains, showing a diagram of both a Japanese Subaru Sambar — a compact style known as a kei truck — and an American Ford F150. "Basically the entire Subaru fits in the blind spot of the F150, but the bed length is 90% as long. So why do people in the U.S. feel they need giant pickup trucks?"

"The answer, of course, is that they don't really need the giant truck."

He continues, breaking down some statistics from a survey of F150 owners. According to that research, only 28% of F150 owners frequently haul items, and only 7% frequently use their trucks to tow. 

For both purposes, he explains: "They would be fine with a smaller truck or even a smaller car." One commenter agreed, saying: "Vans are infinitely better than pickups for things like construction."

Given these facts, the video creator pointed out that it's surprising that more Americans don't opt for a smaller, more affordable and more fuel-efficient kei truck. He went on to explain that: "The United States has a toxic addiction to cars, and it's increasingly becoming an addiction to trucks and big SUVs … Not only are we addicted to cars, we're addicted to cars that are way bigger than we actually need."

Much of this is because of infrastructure and a disproportionate reliance on cars, which skews much higher (92% of Americans) as compared to the rest of the world (closer to 30%), who often use bicycles or even walk, according to data shared by molesrcool. 

Commenters agreed. "It honestly infuriates me how our infrastructure was manipulated by the auto industry and oil companies," one wrote. "The amount of space parking lots take in America is insane," another said.

"Paying for parking is one of the most diabolical things in our society," one person lamented.

In another video, molesrcool demonstrates how the enormous and lifted trucks also have massive blind spots that can conceal an entire car. So not only are these vehicles inefficient and polluting, but they also pose a danger to non-truck drivers on the road.

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