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This eye-popping 'solar forecast' chart reveals how much locals are saving with clean energy: 'How do you have access to that?'

"That's really cool."

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How much does solar energy save in a single day? One Redditor in Texas shared an insightful photo.

In the Reddit post, users can see the solar energy produced in the state. The image shows solar usage and savings over a three-day period. 

"Gonna be a GREAT production day in Texas," the user captioned the image.

Gonna be a GREAT production day in Texas!
by u/Zamboni411 in solar

The photo, which comes from the Climate Central WeatherPower website, shows the electricity generated in megawatt hours, the equivalent in homes powered by that much solar energy, and the equivalent in home energy savings.

In three days, the solar energy produced in the state can power more than 2.4 million homes, for an average cost savings of 52% compared to conventional electricity production, according to Climate Central's reporting.

Solar energy is growing in popularity for several reasons. For one, it produces clean energy without creating carbon or methane pollution — reducing more harmful gases per acre than trees, even.

It can also reduce electricity bills, too. Once solar panels begin generating electricity, homeowners and businesses can earn credits if their solar power is going into the grid. Solar can also reduce reliance on the grid, making it more reliable during outages. And depending on where you live, you can also earn tax credits or rebates for making the switch.

Homes with solar panels can also see an increased resale value. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, home value increases by approximately $20 for every $1 saved on utility bills as a result of solar. On average U.S. customers save about $1,500 a year with solar — or about $37,500 in 25 years. 

Overall, Redditors were in awe over the photo. 

"How do you have access to that?" one Redditor asked, calling the find "amazing."

"That's really cool that there's a 'solar forecast' for your area," another Redditor said. 

"Best day I had since the solstice," another said.

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