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Best Buy has an ultra-easy way for you to get rid of your old phones, computers, and other devices — here's how it works

The boxes come with tape, instructions, and a prepaid label, streamlining the process.

Best Buy's new mail-in recycling program

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Best Buy recently launched a new mail-in electronics recycling program, making it easier than ever for customers to dispose of their unwanted tech in an environmentally responsible way. 

This innovative initiative offers a hassle-free solution for recycling electronics and expands upon Best Buy's existing in-store recycling program, catering to a wider audience.

The scoop

With the Best Buy mail-in recycling program, customers can purchase prepaid boxes in two sizes: small for $23, which supports up to 6 pounds of unwanted electronics, and medium for $30, which can support up to 15 pounds. Other tech companies, including Apple and HP, offer similar programs.

The boxes come with tape, instructions, and a prepaid label, streamlining the process and making it convenient for users.

Once Best Buy receives the items, the company either repairs or recycles the items, while ensuring data destruction in the process.

How it's helping

The mail-in recycling program benefits customers and the environment in several ways. It saves time for customers who may not have easy access to a Best Buy store or prefer not to visit one. 

The program serves as an alternative to the more expensive Haul Away program, which costs $200 per trip (or 20% off for Best Buy Totaltech subscribers). The new program is designed for smaller electronics, like cables, mice, keyboards, webcams, landline phones, robot vacuums, and CD/DVD drives, which are often more challenging to recycle.  

Like other recycling programs, such as Target's trade-in program, Best Buy is helping to reduce e-waste and promote environmental responsibility. 

The new box program is part of Best Buy's goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040. The electronics company already offers a unique calculator service that helps consumers better understand the cash incentives for recycling their unwanted devices.

In its 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report, Best Buy revealed that its recycling partners undergo a rigorous audit process, ensuring compliance with industry standards and certifications.

What everyone's saying

Not everyone loves the idea of paying for the boxes, though. In a post about the news shared on Ars Technica, readers jumped in with comments. 

"Seems expensive but I guess because [of] shipping," wrote one user. "If recycling of stuff is to become the norm, it needs to not cost substantially more than throwing it in your regular trash can," they said.

Another user noted that Goodwill will also take electronics for recycling. And, they said, "I have a letter from my city that will take them also off your hands. And my 'city' isn't even 6,000 people."

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