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Automaker announces order for 40 all-electric vehicles with surprising feature: '[It will] boost our production capacity'

The purchaser joins a number of companies across the world that are electrifying their fleets.

The purchaser joins a number of companies across the world that are electrifying their fleets.

Photo Credit: Mullen Automotive

Switzerland-based Antidoto SA, a commercial upfitter that specializes in the design and sale of pizza ovens for delivery vehicles, is now integrating EVs into its lineup.

EV manufacturer Mullen Automotive, Inc., recently announced a purchase order for 40 Mullen-GO vehicles from Antidoto. 

The upfitter produces about 500 ovens per year, per GlobeNewswire, which are integrated into different types of vehicles. The company will purchase at least 180 more units for 2025. While these will initially be deployed in Switzerland, Antidoto plans to eventually expand to other parts of Europe.

"We strongly believe that a collaboration with Mullen could not only meet our current needs, but also boost our production capacity by offering an electric vehicle to our customers," Milijana Miletic, director of Antidoto SA, said in a statement.

The Mullen-GO is an urban commercial electric delivery vehicle with a compact design that helps it navigate space constraints in dense European cities, the company says. Mullen, a California-based EV maker perhaps most famous for its stock becoming a "meme stock" battling short sellers in the wake of the original GameStop and Wall Street Bets headlines in 2021, is now beginning to gain some actual steam with projects like this and the release of the Mullen Five.

Having more EVs on the roads is a win for public health. Traditional gasoline-powered vehicles are a leading source of pollution that can lead to ailments like aggravated asthma, reduced lung capacity, and increased susceptibility to respiratory illnesses, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Meanwhile, EVs produce zero tailpipe pollution. 

EVs are also an important tool to help us in the fight against a swiftly overheating planet. According to the European Parliament, 71.7% of planet-heating pollution in the European Union comes from road transportation.

Warmer global temperatures endanger communities in a number of ways, from increasingly devastating storms that destroy property and take lives to droughts that threaten our food supply.

Antidoto joins a number of companies across the world that are electrifying their fleets. For instance, Amazon rolled out Rivian-designed electric delivery vehicles in 2023. Plus, a European tour bus company called Tootbus plans to convert 30 of its buses to EVs by 2029. 

By supporting brands that undertake eco-friendly initiatives, you can help demonstrate that there is a consumer appetite for business practices that promote a healthy planet. 

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