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Craveable, sustainable packaged snacks

Our picks for delicious bites that are people and Earth friendly.

Person eating Sustainable snacks

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What is a "sustainable snack," anyway? To us, a sustainable snack has packaging that doesn't have to go to the landfill, is mindful of every step of the creation process, has healthier ingredients, and usually gives back to worthy organizations, too. It's care for people and the planet, all wrapped up in a tidy little package. As you're shopping, keep a lookout for labels and certifications like organic, fair trade, and Certified B Corp to be sure they're on the right path. 

Does that seem like a lot of research for a grab-and-go-snack? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our picks that are so delicious, they'll be in your regular snack rotation. We've spent countless hours doing research, decoding certifications, checking rankings, and testing them out ourselves –– all so you don't have to!

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Alter Eco Chocolate Bars

Why It's Cool
Their tagline really says it all: "Organic chocolate that regenerates ecosystems, empowers farmers, and reverses climate change." We personally recommend the sea salt, but they're all delicious.


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Organic chocolate sustainable snacks

Sun & Swell Bites

Why It's Cool
Delicious, bite-sized balls in six different flavors, sweetened only with dates. Best of all, the products are 100% organic, and all the packaging is returnable or compostable.


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Bite-sized balls in six different flavors

Shar Impossibly Good Trail Mix

Why It's Cool
Shar's Impossibly Good Trail Mix lives up to its name! The Climate Neutral Certified company packs tons of flavor (100% organic!) into its recyclable packaging.


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Trail Mix recyclable packaging.

Moonshot Snacks

Why It's Cool
Billed as "climate-friendly crackers," Moonshot offers snacks that the whole family will love –– with the added benefit of being Climate Neutral Certified, certified organic, and made with traceable ingredients. Take your next cheese board to the next level!

$18 for 3 packs

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Moonshot sustainable snacks

12 Tides Organic Puffed Kelp Chips

Why It's Cool
Craving chips without all the plastic packaging? 12 Tides is a Certified B Corp, Certified Organic, vegan company that prides itself on being ocean-friendly.


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12 Tides Chips sustainable packaged snacks

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