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Check out these must-haves to keep you cool this summer

"Our mission is to make your life easier, while making the planet cooler."

"Our mission is to make your life easier, while making the planet cooler."

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The forecast for this summer? Hot, hot, hot, thanks to an El Niño year and the effects of a warming planet. When it comes to staying cool, The Cool Down has you covered. As the biggest climate-driven lifestyle brand, our mission is to make your life easier while making the planet cooler. 

As the mom of two kids under 10 and the cofounder of The Cool Down, I've made it my mission to test, try, and recommend products and swaps that really work — and will help you live healthier while saving time and money. We partnered with theSkimm to recommend our favorite tried-and-tested picks for your home this summer:

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The most innovative tumbler to keep your drinks cold… 

The SMMT tumbler is a favorite in my house, with its leak-proof, removable steel lid that also doubles as a magnetic coaster. With high-tech insulation, it'll keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe. SMMT is a small business that gives back to the local community and is part of 1% for the Planet. ($42, SMMT

Our pick for mocktails or cocktails: SMMT's Serpa Tumbler

A plastic bag alternative to keep your food cool…

Uber-versatile and dishwasher- and freezer-safe, this perfectly sized reusable bag works for everything from snacks to frozen treats — try freezing peanut butter cups, grapes, or even gummies. By choosing this bag, you'll replace up to 260 single-use plastic bags every year. ($19.99, Stasher) 

Our pick: Stasher's Go Bag 

A breezy backpack for an outdoor picnic…

Lightweight but durable — and totally leakproof — this comfy cooler backpack keeps all your picnic supplies cold for up to 36 hours, egg salad included. Hydro Flask donates a portion of proceeds to Parks For All, its giving program dedicated to protecting parks. ($199.95, Hydro Flask

🗣️ What of these benefits would most effectively motivate you to use fewer plastic-packaged cleaning products?

🔘 Freeing up shelf space ✨

🔘 Avoiding toxins and microplastics ☠️

🔘 Saving money 💰

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Our pick: Hydro Flask Day Escape Pack

An electric grill that keeps your oven off and your home cool…

Get ahead of the Grill Dads with an electric setup — you won't have to buy charcoal or propane, and you'll prevent dangerous carcinogens from swirling around your dinner. Our tiny-but-powerful pick is extremely portable and can plug into any standard 120V outlet. ($399, Weber)

Our pick: Weber's Lumin Compact Electric Grill

A portable air conditioner that'll save you money… 

This mini heat pump will save you money by cooling parts of your home or apartment more efficiently using a fraction of the energy. You can place it in a window or move it from room to room as needed, and each one works for heating and cooling, so you can save money year-round. ($699, Amazon

Our pick: Midea Portable AC or the gorgeous Gradient

The ultimate smart thermostat for anyone without central air… 

If you rely on window AC units, mini heat pumps, or other portable cooling systems, this award-winning smart controller allows you to adjust your home's temperature from one place. So when you're heading home from a long workday or vacation, you can remotely turn on your cooling so it feels perfect when you arrive. Plus, save money by tracking your usage or scheduling your AC to go off when you're out of town. The device costs less than a nice pair of linen pants and is compatible with over 20,000 different heating and cooling systems. ($124.99, Amazon

Our pick: Cielo's Breeze Max 

Shades to keep your home or apartment cool… 

Beat the heat without blasting your AC all day with solar shades. Especially for heat-prone, south-facing windows, solar shades block out UV rays while still allowing light to pass through — keeping things cool without closing up your house like it's The Purge. Solar shades also reduce glare and prevent faded furniture, floors, and art. (From $199, The Shade Store)

Our pick: The Shade Store's solar shades are fully customizable.

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