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Top clean deodorants for an all-day fresh feeling

These sophisticated clean deodorants fight odor and pollution at the same time.

person applying clean deodorants

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When it comes to deodorant, it's what's on the inside AND outside that counts. Mass-produced antiperspirants and deodorants are packed with chemicals like parabens, aluminum, and phthalates that are harmful to your health. 

To top it off, most deodorant comes in plastic cases, resulting in more than 15 million pounds of plastic trash each year (that would fill 200 Boeing 747 airplanes)! But don't worry, you can still reduce plastic waste without raising a stink. Introducing our favorite sleek, sophisticated clean deodorants, with intoxicating scents and odor-fighting power. 

Meet your new (and improved) pit sticks.

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By Humankind

Why It's Cool
There are no harmful ingredients, like aluminum, in this clean deodorant, but it can still withstand a hot yoga class. And yet it's so natural you could eat it (please don't). Oh, and the company offsets 100% of its carbon footprint by investing in forest preservation.


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By Humankind clean deodorant


Why It's Cool
Not only does it totally work, but this clean deodorant is made by hand in small batches by two awesome humans who are totally committed to sustainability. And there's no plastic here – it comes in a compostable paper tube (with adorable drawings) that is biodegradable.


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MeowMeowTweet deodorant is made by hand

Noniko Starter Kit

Why It's Cool
The "100% customer satisfaction guarantee" pretty much says it all, but let us count the ways: a refillable stainless steel case; plastic-free; smells great; and works like a charm. And yes, it might be a splurge, but you truly only need one swipe, which means it lasts a really long time. 

$45 (initially, followed by $22 every 3 months)

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refillable stainless steel case; plastic-free; Noniko Starter Kit


Why It's Cool
One of the only truly natural (Ecocert-certified) deodorants, we love the new ozone-friendly air spray that leaves no residue or white marks. It also comes in an (infinitely recyclable!) aluminum container.


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Schmidt's clean deodorant


Why It's Cool
This is the sleekest clean deodorant you ever did see, with its refillable shiny metallic case. It comes in sophisticated unisex scents you can't get enough of. The company is serious about sustainability: plastic-free, compostable refills, and plant-based ingredients.


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Bite clean deodorant
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