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Outdoorsman shares gear recommendation that could save hikers hundreds: 'I've had mine since 1990'

Even after a decade of kayaking, hiking, and camping, they're still going strong.

Teva Hurricane XLT

Photo Credit: u/MandolinSynthMachine/ Reddit

Have you ever owned and used an item of clothing for 15 years? Some clothing will last only a few years before loose threads appear, holes are made through wear and tear, or the garments just look too old to wear in public. 

But this Redditor managed to keep a pair of shoes in decent shape for nearly 15 years. 

The shoes in question are a pair of Teva Hurricane XLT sandals that the original poster has worn for heavy outdoor use including "kayaking, hiking, fishing, and camping." 

The Redditor posted their success on the r/BuyItForLife subreddit, which highlights durable, quality, and practical purchases that will stay in good condition for life — or at least a decent chunk of it. 

Other popular posts include items like a Bose Wave clock radio, used every day for more than 30 years, and a crockpot gifted as a wedding present in 1977 that the poster believes could possibly "outlive" them.

What connects all of these products is their high quality, which allows their owners to enjoy using them for many years. 

Purchasing higher quality products that are less likely to break is one small way to help the environment. Currently, we are using our planet's resources at a rate 1.7 times faster than it can generate them, and our shopping habits are just one reason for this.

In the U.S., the population has grown by 60% since 1970, but spending is up by 400%. Investing in high-quality products rather than items that are made quickly and cheaply, such as fast fashion, will reduce the need to buy replacement products as quickly and reduce the overall consumption of the Earth's resources. 

As well as being an environmentally friendly investment, shoes such as Tevas will save you money over the years as there is less need to replace them.

"Tevas are indestructible. I've had mine since 1990," says one commenter. 

Another adds, "I'm 28 and I got my Teva Hurricanes when I was 12. They're still going strong."

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