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Father-son duo take a 28-day, 12,000-mile road trip in their Tesla Model Y — here's what they learned

"There were four places we said we must go."

“There were four places we said we must go."

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On their 12,000-mile summer road trip exploring the four corners of the United States, Tesla owner Simon Wong and his 12-year-old son discovered the true potential of their Model Y

Navigating via Tesla's internal system for charger locations, they tackled cross-country journeys, sometimes covering up to 600 miles a day with brief 15-minute pit stops for recharging. 

"There were four places we said we must go: San Diego, Key West, Maine, and Seattle," Wong said. "Beyond that, we just relied on the Tesla computer to decide how far we would drive and sleep." 

Utilizing Tesla's Camp Mode, they comfortably rested in the car overnight, saving both time and money typically spent on hotels. 

Wong estimated a mere $750 spent on charging the electric vehicle throughout the trip, nearly half the cost expected for a gas-powered vehicle covering the same distance.

Beyond the financial gains, this adventure served as a bonding opportunity for Wong and his son, offering a different perspective on American life beyond their Southern California suburb and allowing them to experience diverse cultures across the country.

While some drivers have fears about taking an EV on a long road trip, these Tesla owners are proving them wrong. Taking an EV on a road trip creates significantly less carbon pollution compared to that created by gas-powered vehicles, and some states are even offering residents major incentives to switch over to an EV.

Finding charging stations does take some planning (Tesla is working on that), but in Wong's case, his Model Y helped make it easier. While charging EVs does draw on electricity, the overall impact of using EVs reduces the amount of planet-warming gases released into the atmosphere.

Wong said he saw the trip as a bonding opportunity after he was laid off from his tech job. "That job was really stressful, and I didn't get much time to spend with my family, my son," Wong said.

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