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New Yorker makes desperate plea to stop the spread of majorly troublesome insect: 'You can find them everywhere'

Their presence in the U.S. could have disastrous effects on the health of local forests.

TikToker shares alarming footage of spotted lanternflies

Photo Credit: @madebyfae / Tiktok

Spotted lanternflies are back in full force this season, and just like last year, containing this invasive pest is a huge priority. In the early summer, though, these insects will look a little different than their winged, adult counterparts.

In a recent TikTok video, user Fae (@madebyfae) talked about the spotted lanternfly and their abundance in New York during September 2022. 

They showed what the adult looks like and then a picture of the life cycle of the insect. They then focused on the nymph early stage, which is the stage they would be in around May and June. 

The TikToker told viewers how easy it is to find them throughout New York, even in your backyard. 

"If you look closely, you can find them everywhere … This is in our yard. They are just growing everywhere," they said.

Originally from Asia, these insects were first seen in the U.S. in 2014 and have been increasing their range since, mostly in the Northeast. Since they feed on more than 70 species of trees and plants, their presence in the U.S. could have disastrous effects on the health of local forests.

As the video states, the best way to remove these bugs is to kill as many as you find. 

Fae ended their video with this plea: "So now if you can and if you see them, kill them. Kill as many as possible. Kill them, murder them with fire, please."

People often mistake spotted lanternflies at this stage for spiders, as seen through one comment on the video: "I JUST SAW ONE OF THOSE and I thought it was a spider!!!" 

Many agreed or posted similar comments on the video. 

New York wasn't the only place hit, either. One commenter on the video mentioned, "We had em in Philly for mad long." 

They've also been found in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. 

Another commenter wrote, "I went to a festival once and someone screamed lantern fly and everyone flocked over and started stomping like crazy."

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