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Paddle boarder jumps into action after noticing strange behavior from sea turtle: 'Steve Irwin would be proud'

"Awesome job mate…"

"Awesome job mate…"

Photo Credit: TikTok

On a mission to teach humanity how to connect with, enjoy, and respect nature, one paddle boarder has made a habit of leading by example.

Australian-born content creator and TikToker Nick Fry (@_nickfry) posted a video that documents his efforts and hopefully inspires others to do the same. 

@_nickfry Found this turtle struggling on the surface while filming my latest adventure. Most likely has a stomach full of plastic 😢 Tune in at 4pm on YouTube to watch full vid #turtlerescue ♬ original sound - Nick Fry

While paddleboarding, Nick saw a sea turtle struggling on the surface of the water. Not wanting the turtle to suffer any longer, he picked up the turtle and checked him out.

The turtle was lethargic and visibly not well. Nick quickly called the local authorities, who came on an ATV to retrieve the poor little dude for the turtle rescue.   

"I reckon he's eaten a plastic bag or something," Nick said.

The protection of sea turtles is incredibly important as they have played a key role in maintaining healthy oceans for over 100 million years. Turtle power is a very real thing.

They graze on seagrass, which stores carbon, thereby keeping it from re-entering and heating the atmosphere. They maintain coral reefs, provide habitats for other species, and spread nutrients with their long migration patterns.

Six of the seven sea turtle species are classified as threatened, endangered, or critically endangered — predominantly because of humans. Hunting, bycatch, pollution, and our changing climate are all major threats to these majestic creatures.

Sea turtles often mistake pieces of plastic for food, which can have devastating effects, as Nick's video displayed, and is often fatal. Add this to the list of reasons to eliminate single-use plastics.

Rising sea levels are destroying nests. Higher ocean temperatures are changing the currents, which have a direct effect on turtle migration routes

There's also been an influx of female turtles since the sex of a turtle is determined by the temperature in which an egg develops. 

"Awesome job mate…much respect," commended a follower.

Another simply announced, "Legend!!"

Perhaps with the highest of compliments, one user praised Nick's efforts saying, "Steve Irwin would be proud."

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