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Bystander holds breath while capturing video of entitled tourists getting too close to sea lions for selfie: 'What's wrong with people?'

"I genuinely feel sad for wildlife."

"I genuinely feel sad for wildlife."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Tourons — or tourists acting like morons — have made their way to a sea lion community in the Golden State.

In an upsetting video from the Tourons of National Parks Instagram account (@touronsofnationalparks), at least two dozen tourists can be seen crowding twice as many sea lions in La Jolla, California. Many of the visitors are within a few feet of the animals, and many others are around 10 feet away. At one point, one person sits mere inches from a wriggling sea lion to take a selfie.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration strongly recommends staying at least 100 yards (300 feet) away from beached sea lions, which makes the tourons' proximity to the creatures all the more baffling and upsetting. While sea lions don't attack people often, there was a recent case of one biting a human when distressed. 

NOAA also notes that approaching sea lions and other marine mammals is considered harassment, which it defines as "when we disturb, injure or interfere with its ability to hunt, feed, communicate, socialize, rest, breed, or care for its young." So, if you think you're not doing any harm by just observing sea mammals from a close distance — think again. Your very presence in their space affects their ability to live as they would without human interference.

Additionally, it's worth noting that getting too close to wild animals in public spaces isn't just dangerous for you and the animal — it can also endanger national park employees who have to de-escalate the situation, and it can put future visitors at greater risk.

Other disappointing touron videos show national park visitors getting far too close to bison, elk, and bears.

Users expressed their dismay at the sea lion harassment in the comment section of the post.

"I don't remember seeing any humans this close to sea lions. What's wrong with people?" one user wrote.

"I genuinely feel sad for wildlife. We must look ridiculous in their eyes. We're just dumb AF," another user said. 

"Every one of you are way too close to wild animals — both for the animals' safety as well as yours," a third user noted.

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