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Bystander shares video of tense traffic scene highlighting problems with large vehicles: 'There are so many issues that could be avoided'

"Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive."

"Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive."

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A tense traffic scene in New York City showcased the problems large vehicles can present.

A Redditor shared a two-minute video of the standoff and resolution in r/MildlyBadDrivers, and someone reposted it in r/f***cars.

It started with a giant motionless sport utility vehicle stopped between a moving truck and a line of parked cars. Strangely enough, the nose of the automobile had already inched past the rear of the truck, so it was clear the driver could proceed without fear of getting stuck in a tight spot or scratching the car.

Instead, she was in the street, arguing with a mover, who repeatedly said, "You have the space." He also told the agitated driver, "Just drive straight." She returned to the vehicle, threatening to phone the police. She then said her husband was calling the company to complain. 

The woman was clearly stressed, even saying she was "nervous to do it," but she got moving after another screaming motorist, who was stuck behind her, entered the picture with typical New York bravado and bellowed, among other things, "You're holding up the world!"

The mover continued playing encourager at the driver's window and tried to direct the woman through the space, which featured multiple feet of clearance on each side of the SUV. "I did nothing to deserve this!" she wailed after easing her foot off the brake. She stopped again momentarily as the meltdown reached epic proportions, then coasted on, jabbing a finger at the helper before accelerating dangerously upon clearing the front of the truck.

"Look at that," a bystander cracked. "It was so easy."

The hilarious episode just proves the sad reality of what many already know: American cities are too car-centric and lack the infrastructure to facilitate more freedom of movement that comes with cycling and walking. Vehicles are also too big, which is a safety hazard that can have deadly consequences.

We need lots of parking to accommodate all of those autos, which has "ruined everything," as The Atlantic put it. As one TikToker showed, parking lots are being expanded to fit larger vehicles, but that hasn't relieved problems related to accessibility. In some cases, historic buildings have been destroyed and replaced with more parking spaces.

Public transit is a great alternative to driving too, as it reduces pollution and saves you money. Reducing your car travel by 25% can put $500 a year back in your wallet.

"NYC generally would be like 10x nicer if there weren't a******* trying to drive around the most cramped city in the country," one commenter said. "There are so many issues that could be avoided by like half of these people choosing to take a train or bus instead."

Another Redditor wrote: "The most comical part to me is that she can clearly fit through there. Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive."

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