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Video captures entitled tourist tempting fate for a photo: 'He could have stomped him to death'

The photographer decided to fall to the floor and play dead.

The photographer decided to fall to the floor and play dead.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Getting the perfect picture sometimes isn't worth the effort involved to get it just right. When capturing pictures of wild animals, though, that sensational snap could have potentially deadly consequences. 

One person almost found that out when trying to photograph a moose out in the wild, and video footage of the incident was uploaded to the r/therewasanattempt subreddit and the Tourons of National Parks Instagram account.

Even though the individual tried to keep their distance from the impressively antlered male, moose can be unpredictable and will charge if they feel like they've been provoked.

The moose, who was calmly resting on the grass, got to its feet while the would-be photographer walked a little closer to try to get his angle just right. 

Clearly not a fan of paparazzi, the moose then lowered its head and began to charge in the cameraman's direction. 

People in the comments section of the Reddit post had no hesitation in taking the side of the second-largest land mammal in North America. 

"Poor moose was just trying to nap…" one Redditor said.

"I love the slow stretch like 'aaaaaaaaalllright.. I'm gonna have to kill 'em'," another user quipped

According to the National Wildlife Foundation, moose can stand up to six feet tall and weigh around 1,000 pounds, and they can move up to 35 miles per hour. Getting charged by an angry one could result in serious harm.

The photographer decided the best course of action when the moose began to approach was to fall to the floor and play dead — although they still tried to take pictures while doing so. 

"Dumb move. Big boy could have stomped him to death," one Redditor observed.  

The Glacier National Park Travel Guide recommends playing dead and curling in a ball to protect your head and neck if a moose attacks, so perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea. 

Otherwise, it's advised to back away from an aggressive wild moose with your palms raised while speaking softly to it. If it charges, the guidance is to get behind a rock or a tree. 

Either way, it's not wise to upset wild animals, no matter how great the picture could be. Bison have also been known to charge at humans who tempt fate, while elk have been caught on video running at folks who get too close. 

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