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Video captures shocking behavior as driver attempts to navigate off-road at state park: 'I hope you got and reported the plates'

"I called the cops but she left before the cops got there."

"I called the cops but she left before the cops got there."

Photo Credit: Reddit

Parks give us the chance to unwind, exercise, and enjoy natural beauty. Many activities offer enjoyable experiences in nature, such as hiking or fishing — but off-roading is on a completely different level.  

Relaxing in their car in a state park, a Redditor with a love for the outdoors shared a clip on the r/IdiotsInCars subreddit when they noticed a Jeep driver turning into what looked to be a U-turn, only to find out they were driving over wooden bollards and onto the hiking trail. 

Off-road vehicles are vehicles built with the ability to drive off paved surfaces and across natural terrain. For systems such as the National Park Service, which tends to 400 parks, there are conditions to consider before off-roading is allowed. Unless the area is designated for off-road vehicles, driving on the terrain can cause soil erosion, reduced plant cover, and degraded habitats, as well as put park-goers at risk of harm. 

"I called the cops but she left before the cops got there," shared the OP, frustrated at the Jeep driver's lack of concern for visitors and wildlife.

State parks give many solutions that promote wellness such as increasing our immune system, reducing the rate of asthma, and creating higher air quality. Studies estimate that spending over 120 minutes in park areas can significantly reduce complications in diabetes and heart disease, lowering healthcare costs and hospital visits. These solutions greatly link to how we treat nature and not abuse the benefits we receive from it. 

Our relationship with nature gives us a chance to protect our ecosystems. With sustainable tourism, we can be environmentally responsible while benefiting the economy. 

The California State Park System, for example, found that visitors spend an average of $4.32 billion yearly in park-related expenditures. Activities such as off-roading, if not permitted, can risk this economic feasibility with habitat degradation, a factor that led the Bureau of Land Management to close 317 miles of off-highway vehicles in Utah.

The clip has become viral, with one user commenting, "I hope you got and reported the plates." 

Another user appreciated the OP's efforts by adding, "Thank you for calling the police."

By acknowledging the good the outdoors brings to our physical health, economy, and air, we can see the importance of preventing damage to it and inspiring others to do the same. 

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