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This state is hiring animal-loving workers for an outrageously fun job: 'My heart just melted'

"P.S. we do not recommend crawling into bear dens."

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Are you looking for work or feeling unsatisfied with your current job? Well, you might want to update that resume and head to New Mexico to apply for the most adorable job in the world — professional bear hugger! 

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is hiring their next class of baby bear huggers, also known as conservation officers. The department posted the job opening on Facebook along with a few pictures of current employees hugging a baby bear they just plucked out of its den.

But before you walk into your boss's office and quit Jerry Maguire–style — "Who's coming with me?" — you'll want to check out the qualifications. 

"Must have ability to hike in strenuous conditions, have the courage to crawl into a bear den, and have the trust in your coworkers to keep you safe during the process," the department writes in their Facebook post. 

The job also has specific educational requirements, so you'll need a degree in something related to law enforcement, the environment, or wildlife to land the gig. And if you're thinking of starting your own baby bear–hugging business, you should think twice. 

"P.S. we do not recommend crawling into bear dens. This was part of a research project in Northern New Mexico and all bears were handled safely under supervision. If you do, our officers will have to have a chat with you," the department adds at the end of their post. 

While hugging baby bears seems like fun and games, conservation officers play a vital role in protecting wildlife. Other than assisting with research projects, they also patrol backcountry areas, provide emergency services, manage wildlife and human interactions on the roadways or in campgrounds, and encourage visitors to develop a sense of stewardship for park resources.

Judging by the reactions on Facebook, plenty of people are rethinking their career choices. 

"Omg I'm so jealous! My heart just melted. You're so lucky," writes one person, while another replies, "Soooo cute! Thank you for all that you're doing for the baby bears! Love this!" 

The picture of the baby bear's feet got the most reactions, with more than one person wanting to tickle those tiny paws, while one user took it a step further, commenting, "I just want to kiss those little paws before they get big enough to take my face off." 

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