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Resident shares aftermath of July 4th celebration at local lake: 'A sad reflection of how little we Americans care'

"This is beyond ridiculous!"

"This is beyond ridiculous!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

A concerned citizen and the online community were appalled by the show of disrespect from partygoers after a holiday celebration. 

"The sad aftermath of Lake Tahoe's Fourth of July celebration," the outraged Redditor wrote above the shared footage of the scene at a local shoreline. 

Posted in the r/worldnewsvideo subreddit after 2023's festivities but very relevant as a reminder on what to do better this time around, the video shows an entire beach covered in garbage. Empty beer cases, cups, chairs, and bottles are piled up in all directions. 

Further upsetting is the fact that this trash won't remain on the beach. At least some of it will find its way into the lake, which will diminish lake-goers' enjoyment of it and harm the wildlife that lives in it. Trash is also a major concern for the area's wildlife population that lives on land, like bears

The shocking footage also angered commenters on the post. 

One user said, "It's a sad reflection of how little we Americans care about anything else but ourselves and our enjoyment."

The Fourth of July is supposed to be a day to celebrate our freedom and all the privileges that come along with it. Part of that privilege is living in a beautiful country filled with diverse ecosystems, nature, and wildlife. Privilege isn't free, though — it comes with responsibility.

Many Americans dedicate their time and effort to preserving and protecting the nature and wildlife we get to experience in this country. We can all do our part, though, by simply respecting the world around us and leaving this planet a little better than we found it. 

These simple acts could include recycling, reducing our consumption, and installing native plants. Not completely trashing a beautiful beach for the sake of a party is absolutely something we can all do to keep this country beautiful for ourselves and future generations.

Other Redditors shared their anger in the comments. 

"Really what hit it for me was the ducks finally returning to the beach, after most likely relocating because of the noise. Only to find it destroyed with litter," said one. 

Another user commented, "This is beyond ridiculous!"

"Why can't people clean up after [themselves]," a third wondered. "They brought the s*** with them, why not bring it back?"

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