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Gardener shares elaborate but foolproof hack to rid your yard of poison ivy: 'I wish I had known this'

There's a foolproof way to get rid of it.

Poison ivy is a noxious weed

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Poison ivy can be a real scourge, but there's a foolproof way to get rid of it.

The hack was floated on TikTok by Cotille (@cotille), who said they picked it up from a local garden group.

How it works

It involves gloves, two trash bags, and protective clothing.

@cotille I joined my local garden groups and am sharing the unique gardening tips I'm learning from the garden ladies. This is my favorite tip so far. How to get rod of poison ivy or poison oak. I am highly allergic to poison ivy and have suffered full body rashes for weeks. This tip has saved me! First put on a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, gloves, fitted pants, boots, and pull your hair back. You dont want any skin exposed. Put a thick layer of moisturizer and sunscreen on your face to create a barrier in case the oils plant oils somehow come in contact with your skin. Next grab two regular drawstring trash bags. Pull one side of the draw string from the first bag and put the drawstring over your head and slip your dominant hand/arm into the bag. With your other hand open the second bag. Use your dominant hand to pull the poison ivy or poison oak from the ground root and all. Place it in the second bag. Keep doing this until you have gathered all the poison ivy or poison oak. When you are finished slip the grabbing arm bag into the bag with all the plants. Grab the top of the bag and pull out your arm. Pull the first bag off and away from your head. This tip allows you to pull up the plants from the roots which is the only way to fully rid your yard of poison oak and poison ivy. If you think the plant touched your skin my two go to remedies are rubbing alcohol and dawn dish soap. The oil of these plants is invisible and extremely hard to remove. If the rash has already formed look for a plant named Jewelweed. Jewelweed has been used in Native American medicine to alleviate itching and pain associated with poison ivy and other skin irritations. Break the stem and rub the sap in the rash to help with the itch. #gardenladies #letsgardentogetherladies #poisonivy #poisonoak #poisonivyremoval #poisonivyremedy #poisonoakremoval #poisonoakremedy #poisonivyrash #poisonoakrash #poisonivyplants #poisonivyseason #jewelweed #beginnergardener #beginnergardentips #beginnergarden #perennialgarden #beginnerflowergarden #gardeninghacks #springgardenprep #grandmasummer #gardening #outdoorsy ♬ original sound - Cotille

Put your hair up, cover all your skin, and don gloves, boots, and even sunscreen to form a barrier of protection against the urushiol oil.

Take one trash bag with a drawstring and loop the drawstring around your neck. Then, put your dominant arm into the bag, which will shield you as you pull up the poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. Open the other trash bag and stuff in the uprooted plants as you work.

"Just be careful, and don't flail around," Cotille said. "You don't want it to hit your face.

"... The reason why this is one of the only things that actually works is because you really have to pull it out from the roots. If you don't get the roots, it's just gonna come back. If you use goats, it's gonna come back."

How it's helping

Poison ivy is a noxious weed that can cause irritation and illness to humans and animals. It is important to remove it from your yard or any area where you may come into contact with it or where your pet or wildlife may spread it. Knowing how to remove and dispose of it safely is even more important. 

Cotille further suggested washing and scrubbing your boots after removing the plant. If you come in contact with the plant, rubbing alcohol or dish soap can be used to clean your skin.

The Mayo Clinic advised washing right away. That could reduce your chances of contracting a rash, which can last two to three weeks.

Others recommended Fels-Naptha and Tecnu.

Jewelweed sap has also long been used by Native Americans to relieve itching and pain.

"When exposed to 50 micrograms of urushiol, an amount that is less than one grain of table salt, 80 to 90 percent of adults will develop a rash," the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated.

Even direct contact is not necessary to get a rash.

Pets, livestock, tools, and clothing can spread the oil. 

What everyone's saying

"I wish I had known this," one user said. "I'm currently covered in it."

"Genius," another added. 

Others piggybacked on the tip, passing on knowledge of their own.

"Whatever you do don't ever put the poison ivy on a burn pile!!" wrote one.

The replies poured in, as TikTokers said they knew people who had gotten poison ivy or poison sumac in their lungs.

You may look goofy employing this hack, but you'll be protected.

"My neighbors are gonna love watching me do this out their window," one commenter joked.

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