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Video captures woman's close encounter with grizzly bear at Yellowstone: 'It's absolutely astounding people still do this'

"Not very smart."

"Not very smart."

Photo Credit: TikTok

This Yellowstone tourist got dangerously close to a bear — and almost paid a price.

On r/WinStupidPrizes, a Reddit user shared a video of a woman attempting to take pictures with a young grizzly bear. She poses, inching closer, and the bear finally decides it has had enough. The grizzly lunges at her, and the tourist scurries off.

Grizzly bears are no joke. An adult male grizzly can weigh around 700 pounds, reach speeds of 40 miles per hour, and possess a bite strong enough to crush a bowling ball.

The exploitation of animals for likes and views is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly common. This behavior not only displays a lack of respect for animals, but also poses significant risks to everyone involved. These bears can be deadly, so it's advised to keep "at least 100 yards (93 m) from bears at all times and never approach a bear to take a photo."

It's crucial to foster respect toward wildlife and the environment, especially in our national parks. These parks are a privilege; they allow us to experience natural, beautiful landscapes and connect with nature. But this kind of behavior — getting too close to wildlife, littering, or straying from park paths — harms animals, disrupts ecosystems, and diminishes the park quality. By practicing respect in these protected areas, we can ensure that the parks remain pristine and accessible for everyone to enjoy in the years to come.

Comments couldn't believe this tourist's lack of caution, and many stressed how lucky she was to have emerged from the interaction unscathed. 

"It's absolutely astounding people still do this," one user commented.

Another said, "Hope she knows the bear just wanted her to go away. Could've caught her easily."

"Not very smart," someone agreed. "Even a juvenile grizzly can destroy you in no time."

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