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Passerby perturbed after stumbling upon scene left behind after party at public park: 'Those people should be fined'

"I don't understand why people need to have stuff like this."

"I don't understand why people need to have stuff like this."

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A Reddit user shared the adverse aftermath of a public celebration.

"Gender reveal parties trashing parks," they wrote in r/mildlyinfuriating. "Garbage people."

"I don't understand why people need to have stuff like this."
Photo Credit: Reddit

A couple of users pointed out that it was actually a genital reveal party, which is not exactly a thing that needs commemoration.

"Celebrating having a baby is totally fine and understandable, especially after possibly trying for a long time with difficulty," one user said. "However the gender doesn't f****** matter. People who do this are goofy as hell."

Other users were more direct, writing, "There's nothing mild about how infuriating it is for scum like this to be fine with trashing beautiful places" and "Can people just bake a blue or pink cake and stop being so f****** extra with all these stupid stunts? Is it social media mind rot?"

A fourth Redditor summed up the anger: "I couldn't be a park ranger because I'd be blasting everyone with bear mace if I saw them doing this."

When people disrespect nature, it encourages others to act abusively as well. But if we model decent and even good behavior, we can foster a greater understanding of the natural world and a desire to protect it. This is especially important as biodiversity losses mount with the human-caused warming of the planet.

Recklessness and entitlement — including but not limited to tourons who endanger animals, themselves, and even their children — are exploitative and prevent others from connecting with nature or ruin the experience of once-in-a-lifetime trips. Such events are stressful for wildlife and bystanders in addition to the park rangers who must protect these ecosystems.

"Those people should be fined," one Redditor wrote.

Others echoed that sentiment, while someone else said: "I don't understand why people need to have stuff like this when a cake or cupcakes does the exact same and doesn't trash the earth."

"Is it paper or plastic?" a third user wondered. "In the grand scheme of things, paper isn't really an issue but plastic/foil type material definitely is."

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