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Community members speak out after seeing 'disrespectful' aftermath of party in park: 'Who do they expect to clean it up?'

"Don't do this in public spaces."

"Don't do this in public spaces."

Photo Credit: Reddit

While gender reveal parties can be fun celebrations for family and friends, sometimes more consideration is needed for the environment and other members of the community.

A pair of photos posted last year in the r/kitchener subreddit depicted the aftermath of a gender reveal party held at Huron Park in Kitchener, Canada. The first shows a large patch of snow covered in pink coloring, and the second shows how far the specs of pink reached the foliage in the park.

"Someone decided to do a gender reveal in Huron Park and left confetti and pink dye everywhere," the caption stated.

"Don't do this in public spaces."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The photos drew the ire of other Redditors who weren't happy with the lack of regard for a public area.

One commenter wrote, "Who do they expect to clean it up? Just cut a cake like a normal person." 

"Like why? Don't do this in public spaces so rude," added another.

Another user proclaimed, "So DISRESPECTFUL. I love hiking here, selfish."

Gender reveal parties can cause damage to the environment depending on the activities and materials used. For example, balloon releases or the use of confetti cannons can lead to unsightly litter and harm wildlife if not properly managed. Some of the more over-the-top parties have even used pyrotechnics, which not only pose a fire hazard but can also contribute to air pollution.

The pictures posted from Huron Park show a clear lack of climate awareness. Respect for nature comes with understanding the impact our choices can have on the environment.

To minimize the environmental footprint of a gender reveal party, consider eco-friendly alternatives. You could use natural materials like flower petals or leaves for a colorful display, or get creative with food coloring in a cake or dessert. 

The key is to avoid single-use plastics, unnecessary waste, and anything that could cause pollution or harm to animals and natural habitats. By planning with the environment in mind, you can celebrate this special moment without it costing the Earth.

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