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Local shares video of 'shameful' July 4th garbage littering local park: 'No care or regard of anyone else'

"Every street corner and pocket park in my area of DC was like that after the fourth."

"Every street corner and pocket park in my area of DC was like that after the fourth."

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A disappointed local shared a video revealing the massive amount of litter discarded in a park after Fourth of July celebrations. The footage — from a prior year but relevant for awareness toward better habits moving forward — shows piles of firework packaging, confetti, and other plastic debris left on the basketball court and surrounding grass.

Redditors were shocked by the blatant disrespect.

"And there were 3 garbage cans within 20 ft," wrote one user.

"Every street corner and pocket park in my area of DC was like that after the fourth," commented another Redditor.

Littering is not only disrespectful to the environment but also disrespectful to the sanitation workers who have to clean up the mess. Outdoor spaces have designated trash and recycling bins for a reason. You can help preserve parks and public areas simply by cleaning up after yourself.

Before all the garbage is eventually cleaned up, plastic waste and debris get blown away by the wind, which litters local animal habitats

Plastic trash, especially, poses a severe hazard to plants and animals. Creatures can mistake plastic waste for food, and ingesting that debris can damage their stomachs, resulting in life-threatening complications. 

Plastic waste also leaches toxic chemicals into the soil, inhibiting the growth of native plants

Additionally, when trash is not properly recycled, it usually ends up in a landfill, where it will contribute to the release of harmful, planet-warming gases. In 2018 alone, the U.S. generated 292.4 million tons of waste, per a report by the EPA. Large gatherings, such as public parades, holiday celebrations, and music festivals, are notorious for generating large amounts of plastic waste and litter. 

The next time you attend a public gathering, consider adopting environmentally friendly habits to reduce your plastic pollution and prevent littering. For example, swap plastic water bottles for a reusable water bottle and ditch other single-use plastics for reusable alternatives.

Redditors continued to express their shock at the disrespectful behavior.

"There's some animal people out there for no care or regard of anyone else, not to mention just absolutely LAZY," one Redditor commented.

"I'm in NYC in a neighborhood where locals go nuts with fireworks and have never seen anything like this," observed another. "Shameful."

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