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Driver infuriated after discovering avoidable cause of flat tire: 'These make me so angry'

This all-too-common experience is sparking conversations in the U.S. and abroad.

Disposable vape

Photo Credit: u/DiamondsAndMac10s / Reddit

Getting a flat tire is incredibly frustrating, especially when it's caused by someone else's trash.

One driver had a very bad day when a discarded disposable vape punctured their tire, leaving it flat. Venting to the r/Anticonsumption subreddit, the Redditor shared a photo of the crumpled vape that caused the damage. 

This all-too-common experience is sparking conversations in the U.S. and abroad.  

Redditors on the post were offended by the wastefulness of disposable vapes and their ability to cause damage to vehicles and the environment. One commenter wrote, "I see these things littering the streets and yards all the time," while many called for bans on disposable products.

"Not buying disposable pods and getting large bottles of juice is way cheaper in the long run. The cheapest option is also the most environmentally friendly. There's zero excuse for how wasteful most vapers are," wrote a commenter. 

Another agreed, "It's considerable [sic] cheaper and so much better for the world."

In addition to harming the environment, damaging litter on the roadways can be both inconvenient and expensive, and the problem is only getting worse. Not only does it look bad, but trash and debris can cause collisions while forcing the cost of cleanup to skyrocket. 

Litter cleanup costs taxpayers in Illinois an average of $6 million a year, according to AP News. In North Carolina, the cost of removing roadside trash delayed multiple transportation projects, WRAL News reports.

Sharp metals aren't the only hazard from disposable vapes. Reports show a growing number of motorists heading to the garage for burned or punctured tires caused by tossed e-cigarettes. The Scottish Sun explained, "Disposable vapes burn through rubber due to the lithium inside them."

The lithium batteries inside thoughtlessly discarded vapes can be dangerous, with the in-demand metal "defined as hazardous waste because of their toxic nature and propensity to catch fire when damaged," said The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. 

On Reddit, one commenter wrote, "I'm a little surprised you were able to drive over one without it going supernova."

One exasperated Redditor summed up the argument by saying, "Can ya'll please just throw them away … it's not hard."

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