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Beachgoer makes surprising discovery inside old tire during trash cleanup: 'I'm glad you were able to help'

"It's sad finding sea life living in our garbage."

"It's sad finding sea life living in our garbage."

Photo Credit: TikTok

In an entertaining and impactful video, TikTok creator Caulin (@trashcaulin) made an unusual discovery inside a discarded tire that had washed ashore during one of his beach cleanups. 

To his surprise, several small crabs had made themselves at home within the trashed tire's rubbery walls. 

@trashcaulin Replying to @A.W.A.C.S It's sad finding Sea life living in our garbage 😭🦀 #plasticpollution #washedashore #crab #sealife #seaanimals #animalrescue #ocean #beach ♬ Big mood - aApVision

Caulin removed the crabs from the tire and returned them to the beach, before disposing of the tire and searching for other pieces of litter along the shore. 

"It's sad finding sea life living in our garbage," Caulin wrote in his video's caption. 

In addition to taking away from the natural beauty of beaches around the world, pollution is incredibly harmful to our oceans for many reasons.  

Individual pieces of garbage can poison, ensnare, injure, or even kill fish and other ocean creatures. 

Then, as plastic waste piles up in the ocean, it breaks down into tiny microplastics, which disintegrate into the water. There, it can be consumed by sea creatures, moving up the food chain and eventually ending up in our bodies. 

The chemicals used to make these plastics can pose risks to our health. They cause developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune disorders in humans and wildlife when ingested. 

Scientists are urging governments to cut down plastic production and water-contaminating pollution before we fully witness the damaging effects. 

Thankfully, the less plastic we create and throw away, the less ends up in our oceans, our ecosystems, and our bodies.

We can all do our part to help prevent the amount of garbage that ends up in the ocean, from using a reusable water bottle on your next beach trip to buying plastic-free products

If you're thinking of taking action in your area, participating in local cleanup efforts is another great way to play a meaningful role in creating a healthier, more beautiful world for all to enjoy.  

Not only were viewers tickled by Caulin's humorous demeanor during his daily cleanup efforts, but they were also touched by his passion for tidying up the earth. 

"I'm glad you were able to help the crabs," one commenter remarked. 

"Thanks for making our planet a bit better," another TikTok user wrote. 

"You're the reason I started to clean my neighborhood of trash," a third TikToker said. 

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