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Beachgoer calls out obnoxious scene created by floating advertisement: 'This shook me for a while'

"The one place [you're] free from everything, and they shove it in our faces."

"The one place [you're] free from everything, and they shove it in our faces."

Photo Credit: TikTok

It seems you can't even escape advertisements at the beach anymore. While floating billboards have been a thing since at least the 1990s, that doesn't make them any less annoying or intrusive. 

When they go to the beach, most people want to enjoy an unspoiled landscape — not stare at more screens. Unfortunately, TikToker Carissa's (@carissaandclimate) perfect beach day was interrupted by a giant barge billboard, which created visual pollution with its flashing lights and images. 

@carissaandclimate This shook me for awhile lol. #advertisement #tv ♬ original sound - Carissa 🐋 Ocean Conservation

That's not exactly what you want to see while trying to relax and take in the beauty of nature.

The OP commented on the video, "What step of late-stage capitalism is an advertisement on a boat at the beach!!!"

"This shook me for a while lol," they added in the caption.

Fortunately, the other beachgoers in the video didn't seem fazed, as you can see several people jumping in the waves and soaking up the sun. 

Ignoring floating billboards is the real-life equivalent of blocking or skipping ads. However, even if you look away, the boats still cause noise pollution from their engines running, disturbing the otherwise tranquil beach environment. 

Not to mention, the average person spends nearly seven hours per day glued to screens, according to Exploding Topics. Too much screen time can cause poor mental health, which makes the boat ad even more inconsiderate.

Another disturbing issue with floating ads is that the boats that carry them typically run on diesel fuel, contributing to heat-trapping atmospheric gases and harming marine life. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, petroleum hydrocarbons from fuel can attach to sediments in the water and contaminate aquatic ecosystems. 

Compared to boats that carry cargo or people, this one seems like an unnecessary waste of fuel and resources since its only purpose seems to be advertising products that most beachgoers probably don't care to buy, much less see obstructing their view. 

"Omg, it absolutely ruins it," one person commented. 

"The one place [you're] free from everything, and they shove it in our faces," another remarked.

"Disgusting, get that s*** out of nature," wrote someone else. 

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