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Video of entitled tourist encroaching on moose at national park sparks outrage online: 'You're supposed to stay 100 feet away'

"What will it take to get people to respect wildlife and their space?"

“What will it take to get people to respect wildlife and their space?”

Photo Credit: Instagram

It's common knowledge to keep your distance from wild animals — especially in national parks where there are signs and warnings in abundance. And yet, the internet reminds us all that perhaps it's not so common.

A video posted on Tourons of National Parks (@touronsofnationalparks), an Instagram page dedicated to tourons (tourist plus moron), is another unfortunate example of wildlife ignorance. 

In Rocky Mountain National Park, a mother urges her young daughter to get uncomfortably close to a lone baby moose for a very dangerous photo session. 

"You're supposed to stay 100 feet away," murmured the videographer who recorded the scenario from a safe distance.

Whether it's genuine curiosity, adoration, excitement, or "for the gram," many people forget that these are wild animals. Regardless of how cute they are or how "fine" they appear to be in your proximity, it is not safe to approach wildlife under any circumstance. 

There are about 300,000 moose in the United States. They are the largest member of the deer family, the tallest mammal in North America, and can run up to 35 miles per hour

The irony is that moose aren't naturally aggressive animals, yet they injure more people than any other wild animal in the United States. If they feel threatened, they will charge to protect themselves. The huge problem is that more often than not, animals who do choose to defend themselves are euthanized.

Being reckless and entitled is a danger to yourself and the animals. It's also disheartening to those who do care about protecting the relationship between humans and the natural world, including park rangers.

When visiting these magical places, there is a certain level of respect required to understand and value the magnitude of what is being preserved within these parks. The National Park Service advises paying close attention to your surroundings. Take note of the signs and regulations to keep you, your loved ones, and the wildlife safe. 

Overall, the response to the video was one giant eye roll.

"Endangered her child for a freaking photo," one Instagrammer tsked.

Another commented, "Where there's a moose baby, there's a moose mama! Not smart."

"What will it take to get people to respect wildlife and their space?" asked a third.

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