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Police department receives praise after making unexpected change: 'A leader amongst police departments'

It's estimated to save the department as much as $50,000 over its first four years of operation.

It's estimated to save the department as much as $50,000 over its first four years of operation.

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The police department in Westport, Connecticut, has put sustainability at the heart of its operations.

In July 2023, the local authority added an electric motorcycle and an all-terrain utility vehicle to its fleet, which already features two Tesla Model Y patrol cars, a Toyota Prius Prime hybrid, a BMW i3, Honda Clarity sedans, and a Ford Interceptor hybrid patrol vehicle, according to the Westport Journal

When taking in the two new additions, the police department also revealed a third all-electric Tesla was on the way, further emphasizing its commitment to moving away from dirty-fuel-powered vehicles.

The policy has been praised by climate and recycling advocacy group Sustainable Westport, which offered "Kudos to the Westport police for continuing to be a leader amongst police departments and municipalities nationwide."

The EVs will provide plenty of benefits for the police department, as they are far cheaper to refuel, require less maintenance, and aren't nearly as loud as typical machines powered by internal combustion engines.

Analysis from the EV Club of Connecticut, detailed by The Westport Journal, estimated that the first Tesla Model Y in the department would save the department as much as $50,000 over its first four years of operation when compared to a Ford Explorer. 

Not only that, but it's expected the lifespan of the Tesla in the force would be two to four years longer than the Ford it will replace.

And the locals will reap the rewards, too, with fewer dirty-fuel-powered vehicles patrolling the streets. Those machines would reduce air quality, courtesy of the particular matter and toxic gases released from their tailpipes.

The Westport Journal reported the electric motorcycle will replace a gas-guzzling Harley Davidson. The new two-wheeler from manufacturer Zero offers 183 miles of range on a single charge while driving in the city and will be used for parking and traffic enforcement. 

The state of New York is also embracing an all-electric future, with Mayor Eric Adams signing a bill that would see all vehicles in the city government's fleet becoming electric by 2038, including police cars.  

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