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Amazing video shows all-electric WaterCar cruising around Long Beach on land and in the water: 'This is cool'

The electrification of transportation is a key step in building a cleaner future.

The electrification of transportation is a key step in building a cleaner future.

Photo Credit: Instagram

An Instagram video is showing off the incredible multi-terrain capabilities of the WaterCar EV.

In the video, a joyful family of four drives around Long Beach, California, in the futuristic-looking electric vehicle. The WaterCar cruises from the road into the ocean without missing a beat and speeds around the harbor with grace and impressive force. 

Once the family has had its fun in the water, the WaterCar emerges from the ocean and drives back onto land, eventually delivering its occupants to Bubba Gump Shrimp.

"Sunday Funday in the new @watercar_ev 🤙#boating," the caption read on the WaterCar (@watercars) post.

WaterCar's website explains that the EV is built with an aluminum unibody, which also contains stainless steel and reinforced closed-cell floatation foam. The vehicle measures 18 feet from end to end and also features a touchscreen interface and a Mercury PRO XS motor with 115 horsepower. It has a range of over 100 miles, can comfortably seat five people, and can carry 900 pounds. 

The designers thought of everything to make the boating experience as safe, smooth, and simple as possible — it has under-seat storage, seat belts, fire extinguishers, safety switches, and custom upholstery. And it even has Apple Play for the stereo.

The WaterCar was inspired by the rise of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) — low-speed vehicles like quadricycles and golf carts.

By making a boat that can drive itself to the water, the WaterCar eliminates the need for boating enthusiasts to drive heavy-duty vehicles to tow their watercraft, allowing them to save tons of money on gasoline and reduce planet-warming pollution (not to mention freeing up garage space by allowing them to drive smaller cars).

The electrification of transportation is a key step in building a cleaner future. Since the annual difference in carbon dioxide pollution between a gas-guzzling vehicle and an EV is almost 10,000 pounds, according to the Department of Energy, every EV has the capacity to stop 100,000 pounds of pollution from entering our atmosphere each decade. 

States like Colorado and California offer government rebates to make electric vehicles more accessible. TCD estimates that drivers can save up to $1,500 on fuel each year with an EV since charging is far cheaper than refueling a traditional gas-guzzler.

Instagram users shared their excitement about the WaterCar in the comment section. 

"The american dream right here. A slice of American Pie right here. Miserable people might hate this. I understand," one user wrote.

"I need this for the apocalypse," another user said. 

"This is cool af," a third user commented.

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