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Huawei unveils revolutionary 'all-in-one' system for smart homes: 'Making the most of every ray'

"Not just an energy storage product, but also a piece of art."

"Not just an energy storage product, but also a piece of art."

Photo Credit: Huawei

China-based Huawei's home solar energy system is billed as an all-encompassing solution to utilize clean sunrays with efficiency. 

As part of a lengthy sales pitch, the company touts its Luna S1 setup — part of a system of products — to be "not just an energy storage product, but also a piece of art that enhances the home decor style," according to a press release

If the innovation meets its promises, it could be game-changing for a smart home-building trend that is increasingly focused on sustainability

It works above and below the rooftop, promising cost savings and enhanced safety. An image provided by the company shows a roof full of solar panels hooked up to Huawei tech with 24/7 cloud monitoring of panel performance and other metrics. 

The setup includes "a smart energy controller (inverter) with battery-ready storage access and a smart module controller (optimizer) that can achieve greater roof utilization," per Huawei. 

What's more, the Luna comes with a 15-year warranty, per Renewable Energy Magazine

But perhaps most importantly, electricity generation from the system is increased by 5% to 30%, "making the most of every ray," as the company puts it

Uniquely, home appliances can also be managed with an app, providing a full home view. This allows the owner to maximize power generation, storage, and use — on the spot. It's compatible with batteries and electric vehicle chargers, as well. 

Units are built with a casing that can handle 5 tons of pressure and can even handle a car collision (with garage installations in mind) as part of extensive safety considerations. 

It has a "minimalist and frameless design that adapts to different styles," Renewable Energy Magazine states

Home-based solar systems are becoming better and less costly, largely thanks to significant tax breaks, allowing more people to transform their energy consumption.

Solar panels can help you prevent 8,500 pounds of harmful air pollution from being produced each year. That, in turn, can help limit our planet's overheating, protecting your home and community from extreme weather events. According to NASA, rising temperatures make extreme weather events worse.

Huawei's system may help provide comprehensive renewable service to more homes. The company plans to work around the world and has already served 3.3 million households. The aim is "to turn the concept of zero-carbon living into tangible and actionable steps, moving together toward a greener and brighter future," per the press release. 

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