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Unreal concept footage shows Chinese eVTOL that can both drive and fly

"XPENG MOTORS is at the heart of a revolution in mobility."

"XPENG MOTORS is at the heart of a revolution in mobility."

Photo Credit: XPENG AEROHT

If flying cars still seem like something from an outdated movie depiction of the future, an unreal concept video introducing a Chinese eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) may, as a video claims, convince you that the future is now. 

"Dive into the Heart of Innovation at XPENG AEROHT!" reads the caption of the YouTube video shared by the Chinese company — the largest flying car company in Asia — responsible for the futuristic vehicle. 

Over an aerial view of a forest, the video takes the viewer through a timeline of the company, founded in 2013. It shows the car's development before switching to concept footage of the vehicle as it drives to the edge of a runway, ejects its propellers, and takes flight. 

Next comes concept footage of the modular flying car, which ejects a small person-manned pod that takes to flight, leaving the car portion behind. We then look inside the R&D facility, where nearly 1,000 employees worked to get the vehicles out of the planning phase and into the air. 

As unrealistic as the footage seems, XPENG AEROHT announced that its revolutionary "Land Aircraft Carrier" modular flying car will be available to preorder in the fourth quarter of 2024, with delivery starting in Q4 of 2025. 

Designed to conjure lunar exploration vehicles, the modular car appears to be out of this world. The land model seats up to five, and the air module has a two-person cockpit and is designed for low-altitude flight. The electric land model can charge the air model. 

"XPENG MOTORS is at the heart of a revolution in mobility," Dr. Brian Hongdi Gu, vice chairman and president of XPENG MOTORS, said in the announcement. "The future of mobility goes beyond cars. Whether people want to travel by cars, air or other ways, we aspire to change what's possible."

Aside from being mind-blowing, these vehicles also greatly benefit the planet. Because of their electric motors, these aircraft are considered zero-polluting. Even considering that it has to use dirty energy to charge its battery, an eVTOL transporting three passengers produced over 50% less harmful carbon pollution than a car. 

As unbelievable as flying cars may seem, this company is far from the only one bringing eVTOLs to reality. Not quite ready for this level of future? Switching to a regular EV is a good place to start and also greatly benefits your pocket and the planet. 

While met with some skepticism, many commenters were on board with the video's promise of a flying-car-filled future. 

"Looking forward to this future," said one. 

"Very promising Product Line," agreed another. 

A third stated simply: "Amazing."

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