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Architects construct home with world's first concrete capable of absorbing air pollution: 'The design transpires into blocks arranged in a gradient-like pattern'

One small concrete block, one giant leap for sustainable living.

One small concrete block, one giant leap for sustainable living.

Photo Credit: Takumi Ota/Nendo

Imagine a home that not only provides shelter but actively helps clean the air. That's exactly what a new house in Japan does, thanks to the world's first carbon-absorbing concrete.

This innovative building material, called CO2-SUICOM, was used to create the block walls of the mountain resort home, located about 70 minutes from Tokyo. By literally sucking planet-heating carbon gas out of the atmosphere, this pollution-eating concrete could be a game-changer for sustainable construction, according to Interesting Engineering.

So how does it work? CO2-SUICOM was conceived through a collaboration between several Japanese companies. They replaced some of the cement in a concrete mix with industrial waste, then added other materials that absorb carbon dioxide.

The result is a concrete that pulls carbon out of the air during production and keeps it locked inside. In fact, the amount of dirty gas absorbed by CO2-SUICOM is enough to make it carbon neutral. That's a big step forward, considering cement production currently generates about 8% of global carbon pollution.

For this house in Japan, the designers at Nendo Studio took the eco-friendly concrete a step further. They used some 2,000 angled blocks stacked into walls that double as "filter screens," with plants nestled between the concrete layers.

To create the perfect balance of light, privacy, and visual appeal, the designers carefully adjusted the angles of the blocks. 

"Ultimately, the design transpires into blocks arranged in a gradient-like pattern," Nendo explains.

The best part? CO2-SUICOM has the same strength as regular concrete. Builders can use it in place of standard mixes, allowing the construction industry to cut pollution without compromising quality. As more buildings start using carbon-absorbing materials, the benefits will really add up.

So, when can you move into your own carbon-eating abode? There's no word yet on when CO2-SUICOM will hit the global market. But with innovations like this, the future of home building looks greener already. Wouldn't it feel amazing to live in a house that's beautiful, functional, and actively cleaning the air you breathe?

One small concrete block, one giant leap for sustainable living. If this carbon-capturing concrete becomes a new construction staple, it'll mean more houses that are chic, comfortable, and planet-friendly.

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