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Festival attendee shares footage of concerning parade aftermath: 'Next day the city is just unrecognizable'

"Honestly to me, it just shows how disrespectful everyone is."

"Honestly to me, it just shows how disrespectful everyone is."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikTok influencer shared the horrifying amount of street litter discarded during the Zürich Street Parade. 

Regina Makh (@regina.makh) posted the video, which may require a TikTok login to view, revealing massive piles of beer cans, food, and plastic waste on the ground. 

@regina.makh Next day the city is just unrecognizable 🤯🤮 #switzerland #zurich #streetparadezurich #expectationvsreality ♬ original sound - Matthew Rincon

"Zurich street parade is fun and cool, but the city turns to trash," Regina says. "Next day the city is just unrecognizable."

The viral video gained over 300,000 views and sparked a discussion across TikTok.

"Honestly to me, it just shows how disrespectful everyone is to people who work to pick this up," one user responded. "Just entitlement all over."

Influencers across social media platforms have been revealing the dark side of these types of outdoor events. At a music festival in the United Kingdom, attendees camp outside the premises; however, after the event has finished, the aftermath is an endless row of abandoned tents, camping gear, and trash. 

Large events, such as parades and music festivals, generate a significant amount of waste in a short amount of time. According to the BBC, each major music festival in the United States generates 110 tons of waste every day.

The majority of the trash left over from parades and music festivals ends up in landfills, where it emits harmful, planet-warming gases into the atmosphere. 

Some festival organizers are taking steps to minimize the amount of trash produced at events. The Glastonbury Music Festival banned disposable vapes, as they release harmful microplastics and never fully break down in the environment. 

While users were shocked by the amount of trash and level of disrespect, TikTokers did acknowledge the city's swift ability to collect it all the next morning. 

"Zurich cleaners are the real MVPs though, not a trace the next day!" one user wrote.

"The reason why I don't go to street parades," another commented.

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