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Major music festival makes unexpected decision to reduce left-behind trash: 'Do not bring [them]'


Disposable vapes banned from music festival

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If you're looking to rock out at the Glastonbury Music Festival this year, don't you dare bring a disposable vape, said organizers.

The festival, which takes place June 21-25 at the Worthy Farm in Pilton, UK, recently updated the "What Not To Bring" section of its website, asking attendees to leave these devices at home.

Photo Credit: Glastonbury Festivals

"Do not bring disposable vapes. They pollute the environment and can be hazardous at waste centres," it said.

Disposable vaping devices pose a number of environmental concerns. For one, they contain plastic that never fully decomposes. Instead, they turn into microplastics, which can pollute our food and drinking water. 

Plus, they contain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cobalt that can leach into the environment, adding to the 55 million tons of electronic waste generated globally each year. Even if someone tries to recycle a disposable vape, the batteries can unintentionally cause a blaze at the recycling center.

This is just one way the festival is attempting to green up a bit more. It also left a post on Instagram encouraging ticket holders to bring their own reusable water bottles

The festival has a whole section of its website devoted to green policies. Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis posted a note on the website, calling the festival the "first to host alternative solutions to environmental concerns," which have now "become mainstream." 

Some of the environmental actions it promotes are using public transport or cycling to the event, using water responsibly, taking advantage of recycling bins, and taking personal equipment home after the festival.

Concert-goers seem enthusiastic about Glastonbury's continued dedication to green initiatives. 

In response to the reusable water bottle post, one person said, "Yessss the cups for our private campsite have just arrived! No plastic waste here!"

And in response to a May 29 post about leaving no trace, one person commented, "As good civilized humans, just make the effort to keep the site clean as you found it."

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