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Redditors reveal their biggest tips for giving unique 'zero-waste' holiday gifts: 'Make it feel extra special'

"There are ways to get the things that you need and will actually use."

Zero-waste holiday gifts

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It's the giving season, and finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list isn't always the easiest task. But Reddit's r/ZeroWaste forum is here to save the day with some amazing zero-waste gift ideas.

The holiday-themed thread started when Reddit user u/Nearby-Carrot-6834 asked for the following advice: "My family loves to go all out for Christmas; any ideas and material gifts that are better for the environment?" 

And fellow Redditors did not disappoint. Here are some of the top suggestions for how to wow with your gifts while keeping the environment in mind. 

  1. Holiday Treats

    Whether it's jams and jellies, your famous banana bread, or scones in a jar (just add cream!), consumables are a surefire way to give a gift that won't go to waste. Make it feel extra special by thrifting some vintage glassware or cookware to deliver it in.

  2. Plants

    "Plants are my go-to," one commenter wrote. We all have a #plantmom or #plantdad in our lives, and they're a great gift that someone will surely enjoy for years. 

  3. Secondhand Gems

    Get thrifty with secondhand items. Scour local thrift stores, antique shops, and secondhand sellers to find unique gifts without consuming new resources. "There are ways to get/give the things that you need and will actually use (that are not consumables) in a more sustainable way," one commenter explained.

  4. Handmade Gifts

    Handmade items are always a hit. Put your skills to good use by knitting a scarf, 3D printing your own toys, or painting a portrait of a beloved pet

  5. Experiences

    Give the gift of life-long memories! Many Redditors suggested gifting experiences over material items. From national or state park passes to movie, concert, or theater tickets, giving an experience is a great way to make memories without consuming materials. 

  6. Shop Local

    Give anything and everything local. Supporting your local businesses, as one user pointed out, is often much more eco-friendly than shopping at larger corporations.

  7. Give Your Own Time

    We've all heard of the holiday "coupon" book promising foot massages and free passes for doing the dishes. Intentionally offering up your time to watch your sister's kids, help paint that spare bedroom, or help move your cousin into their new place is a great way to give a great gift and get in some quality time with someone you care about. 

No matter what you're gifting this holiday season, Redditors seemed to agree that something from the heart — whether wrapped with a bow or not — is always the best choice.

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