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Bargain hunter stumbles across 'unbelievable' item at local yard sale: '[This is] truly a lottery find'

"What a fabulous cut on that stone."

Yellow gold ring at a yard sale

Photo Credit: iStock

Shine bright like a … thrifted gold amethyst ring scored at a yard sale for 50 cents? 

In the world of shopping secondhand — be it a thrift store, vintage store, or yard sale — finding a literal gem isn't impossible. Just ask one lucky Redditor who says they found a yellow gold and amethyst ring at a yard sale, paying all of 50 cents for the stunner.

"Beautiful vintage yellow gold amethyst ring. I picked up at yard sale over the weekend for .50," the Redditor captioned the series of photos of the ring.

yellow gold and amethyst ring
Photo Credit: u/Desert-AZ-finds / Reddit

The Redditor said the ring was so dirty that they had to soak it "for hours." But looking at the ring now, you'd never know it had been so neglected.

Shopping second hand can yield some stunning finds like the amethyst ring. It's also a more economical alternative to conventional retail. A ring like that could cost more than $1,000 when purchased new.

Many secondhand stores receive donations from people who have outgrown their possessions or are simply looking to declutter. As a result, shoppers can find well-made and often high-quality designer items at a fraction of the price they would pay in a traditional retail setting.

Secondhand shopping is also a more sustainable option because it promotes a circular economy that reduces waste and pollution by keeping resources in use for as long as possible. This also lowers the demand for new products, decreasing the amount of energy and raw materials needed for production.

Redditors also couldn't believe the luck the original poster had in finding that ring.

"What a fabulous cut on that stone," wrote one user. "Truly a lottery find."

"That's giving art deco vibes," wrote another Redditor. "Wonder what the story is behind it."

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