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Local brides passing single wedding dress around community receives heartwarming reaction online: 'I love the community we've built around sharing things'

"Omg that's fantastic!"

"Omg that's fantastic!"

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Sharing is caring — these brides are helping each other save big on their wedding day.

On r/Anticonsumption, a Reddit user shared an image of heartwarming collaboration in a Facebook group, saying, "there's a wedding dress getting passed around between brides on my local Everything Free [Facebook] group."

"Omg that's fantastic!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The screenshot shows a post from the thankful bride who received her dream dress completely free from the Facebook group. She's ready to return the favor, asking, "who wants it next?"

Wedding dresses are often expensive, single-use purchases. An article from The Knot reported the average price for a wedding dress for 2023 brides was $2,000. 

Additionally, dresses that are thrown away contribute to the billions of pounds of textile waste that end up in landfills every year. 

There are many things you can do with your wedding dress after you've worn it: upcycle it, sell it, or donate it. More and more brides are saying yes to the dress — that they find at their local thrift store. Donating, loaning, or consigning your dress to another bride is not only good for the environment, but it also allows other brides to experience the joy of a perfect dress at a great price.

Rather recycle your dress? Unbox The Dress will turn your dress into keepsakes like Christmas stockings, baby clothes, or pillows. If the dress can be upcycled into having a meaningful new life of some kind and serve the role of something you would otherwise buy, that's a small act of reducing waste that adds up when many people are doing the same.  

Commenters found the brides' actions to be heartwarming and inspiring.

One Redditor shared a similar situation they'd seen: "[There's] a stroller in my Buy Nothing group that has been through 5 or 6 families and someone has a collage of all the new babies sleeping in the stroller over the years! I love the community we've built around sharing things."

Another user was inspired by the post, saying, "Omg that's fantastic! I have a wedding dress and I've been wondering what to do with it."

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