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Instagrammer shares genius hack for saving money on your water bill: 'It's just about getting the most out of your shower water'

"This is such a simple improvement, yet I never thought of it."

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There's nothing quite like getting in the shower and fully disassociating from reality. 

But unfortunately, every long shower comes with consequences for your wallet. Studies show that the average water bill has gotten a lot more expensive over the past decade, more than doubling in some cities. 

There are plenty of ways to cut back on water use, but Instagrammer Anna Masiello's brilliant trick doesn't involve showering any less. Instead, it's just about getting the most out of your shower water. 

In her video, Masiello explains an easy way she and her family save water. Whenever they start the shower, they collect the cold water as the temperature warms up. 

They then add this water to a big glass container so they can use it for drinking, cooking, or watering plants. For the drinking water, Masiello simply adds a natural water filter to improve the taste and purity. 

As a result, Masiello's family saves on their water bill while also wasting as little water as possible.  

"A very simple habit that makes a difference!" she wrote in her post's caption. 

As Masiello points out, the hack saves her family at least four liters (or about one gallon) of water per shower. In many households, that means saving hundreds of gallons per year. 

Instagram commenters praised the tip, saying they couldn't wait to try it.

"Such a great idea! Totally going to start doing this," one user wrote. 

"This is an awesome idea," another agreed. 

"This is such a simple improvement, yet I never thought of it," another wrote.

Cutting down on wasted shower water is one of the easiest ways to cut down your overall water usage. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average shower uses two and a half gallons of water every minute. Overall, Americans use over 1.2 trillion gallons to shower each year.

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