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Shoppers shares image of safety hazard in kid's toy at Walmart: 'Cutting corners'

"That should be a crime."

"That should be a crime."

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Most people who shop at Walmart go there for deals rather than for premium quality. But there's a difference between a cheaply made product and one that simply doesn't work as advertised, and one Redditor recently called out Walmart for selling a plastic product that simply couldn't replace the real thing.

What's happening?

The Redditor posted a photo of "the bearings in Walmart skateboards for kids" in the r/MildlyInfuriating subreddit. "My brothers skateboards both have these plastic bearings that genuinely don't spin," they said.

Skateboard wheels are usually attached to bearing structures with tiny metal balls inside, similar to the ones in fidget spinners. They help the wheels roll freely, which is essential for a skateboard to move smoothly.

"That should be a crime."
Photo Credit: Reddit

But the photo this Redditor shared shows a plastic casing with plastic cylinders inside. It's not clear whether the structure is even intended to spin, and according to the Redditor, it doesn't. Either this is a fake bearing or an extremely poorly designed one made from the wrong material.

"I know cutting corners is Walmart's specialty, but they forgot what a bearing does," the user complained.

Why is a skateboard bearing important?

First, this is found in a product intended for kids. A child might try to skate fast, jump on this skateboard, roll down a ramp, or do tricks. If the skateboard doesn't move as expected, the child could get hurt.

"That should be a crime," said one commenter. "It's not a skateboard if it doesn't skate. Seems like the 'bearings' could lock up and cause a kid to fall."

"Seems like they have a lawsuit about to be filed," another commenter replied.

Second, in addition to the plastic resulting in a lower quality, the brand of skateboard Walmart was selling in this case chose to create another useless piece of plastic that will shed microplastics and end up in a landfill. When a product contains a lot of metal, many communities are able to take it for recycling, albeit usually as a separate process from regular curbside recycling

Is Walmart doing anything about plastic waste?

According to Walmart's website, the company is working with its suppliers to share resources that help reduce the use of plastic in products and packaging.

Walmart is also changing its branded packaging to include more recycled content. Its goal is 20% recycled content in the U.S. and 17% worldwide by 2025.

What can I do to reduce plastic waste?

If you want a skateboard, Walmart's toy aisle may not be the best place to start. Look for a provider with metal bearings instead of plastic ones

More broadly, you can choose products without plastic packaging, both to avoid generating waste yourself and to send a message with what you buy.

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