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Mom shares thrifty alternative to annoying plastic tablecloths: 'Pretty, festive, inexpensive, and far better'

"That's a great idea."

"That's a great idea."

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Considering the fact that "cloth" is right in the name, many tablecloths are made of anything but, including cheap plastic that may stand up to spilled sodas but certainly does not stand up to the test of time and, more often than not, ends up as trash. 

If plastic isn't for you but partying is, one thrifty mom has a swap that will leave you looking like anything but a party pooper. 

The scoop 

TikToker Mary (@maryjenningsmusic) shared a video detailing how to cover your table in a way that brings all the festive vibes with none of the waste. 

@maryjenningsmusic I love using vintage flat sheets as table clothes. They are so pretty, festive, inexpensive, and far better than those wasteful plastic sheets. #thrifty #thriftythursday #estatesalefinds #thrift ♬ original sound - maryjenningsmusic

"I love using vintage flat sheets from thrift stores and estate sales as tablecloths," she says, stating that they come in colors and patterns for any occasion and usually cost less than $5. 

"They are so pretty, festive, inexpensive, and far better than those wasteful plastic sheets," reads the caption below the video. 

How it's helping 

The swap saves celebrators money, as they can buy one vintage sheet for mere dollars and use it time and again, meaning they don't need a new tablecloth every time they want to celebrate. 

Further, as the OP said herself, plastic waste is a big problem for the planet, especially from single-use items like themed tablecloths that are typically used once and then end up in the trash. Most plastic can't be recycled and takes hundreds of years to break down, creating planet-warming pollution and dangerous microplastics as it does. 

The waste created by celebrations — like balloons, confetti, and tablecloths — is gaining increasing attention as it litters our oceans and public parks and endangers wildlife. Protecting our oceans from pollution, in turn, helps protect our communities from extreme weather events caused by a warming planet and protects our food supply from the impacts of pollution.

Hacks like this one not only keep plastic trash out of the environment but also decrease the demand for new items, giving new life to old ones instead. Using thrifted items also means fewer resources are used to make new items. If thrifting isn't for you, you can also buy items from eco-friendly brands.

What everyone's saying 

Commenters shared their praise and similar hacks

"That's a great idea," said one. 

Another said they do the same thing but with old quilts, and a third said, "I use high quality shower curtains too." 

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