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Cleaning expert shares easy, non-toxic hack for getting fingerprints off your stainless steel appliances: 'I need to try that'

"Nice shine."

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Photo Credit: @easycleaningwithmichelle/ TikTok

Stainless steel appliances look sleek and make any kitchen feel more modern. But there's just one problem: They smudge and show grease marks and fingerprints so easily. 

Thankfully, one TikToker has the perfect cleaning hack to easily get rid of those fingerprints and stains — and there are no expensive cleaning products required.

The scoop 

In the TikTok video captioned "bye-bye stains," shared by user Michelle (@easycleaningwithmichelle), a stainless steel stove facade gets a few quick swipes with a sprayed cloth, and the smudges seem to just miraculously disappear.

The secret? According to the video, it's something you likely already have in your kitchen: vinegar. Clean your stainless steel appliances with vinegar, and according to the video, "it removes stains perfectly."

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How it's helping

Vinegar is the multi-hyphenate superstar of your kitchen. If you don't have a gallon of white vinegar tucked under your sink, this hack should motivate you to shell out the $5 to get one ASAP. 

That's right, just about $5 will get you an entire gallon of vinegar. Compare that to some name-brand stainless steel cleaners that can cost more than $5 for a 12-ounce can. It sounds too good to be true, but true it is: Vinegar is a budget-friendly kitchen essential.

Plus, vinegar makes an excellent swap, as some traditional stainless steel cleaners are incredibly toxic. 

One popular brand earned an "F" rating from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for its cancer risk. Vinegar is non-toxic (it earns an "A" rating from EWG), meaning it poses little to no health risks when coming in contact with your skin or if inhaled.

Vinegar is also a more sustainable choice. Because it's all-natural, it's biodegradable, meaning it doesn't linger in the environment and pose threats to wildlife. And that's good news since vinegar has so many uses around the house, from cleaning grimy stainless steel to removing odors to brightening laundry and disinfecting.

What everyone's saying

TikTokers love a good cleaning hack, and this one was no exception. 

"Wow, I need to try that," writes one user

"Yes, it works really good," Michelle responds.

 "Nice shine," says another TikToker.

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